Smart home socket: The 5 best WiFi sockets

Smart home socket: The 5 best WiFi sockets

There are a number of things to consider when looking for the right smart home socket. We introduce five of the best WiFi sockets currently available.

TP-Link HS110: The long-running hit


The TP-Link HS110 is considered to be tried and tested and reliable. Image: © TP-Link 2021

The HS110 from TP-Link is a real long-runner on the market for smart home sockets. It has been around almost unchanged for several years, but it still meets the needs of most users. It can be integrated into the smart home using the free Kasa app and then controlled from your smartphone – even when you are out and about. In contrast to the somewhat cheaper version HS100, the HS110 also has an energy consumption meter. The WLAN socket is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings.

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AVM FritzDECT 200: For Fritzbox users


FritzDECT 200 is a smart socket that communicates with the Fritzbox.

With the FritzDECT 200, AVM offers a smart home socket for its own Fritzbox ecosystem. As the name suggests, the socket does not transmit via WLAN, but via DECT – and directly to the Fritzbox at home. The router also serves as a central hub for controlling and evaluating energy consumption measurements. This has the advantage that users do not have to create an additional account with their data. Unfortunately, however, the compatibility with other smart home systems is severely limited.

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Amazon Smart Plug: The Alexa socket

Amazon smart plug

The Amazon Smart Plus is a WLAN socket with Alexa connection. Image: © Amazon 2021

The Smart Plug offered by Amazon is a WLAN socket that is specially designed to work with Alexa. It can be controlled directly via the Alexa app on smartphones and tablets or appropriate voice commands. Fortunately, an additional smart home hub is not necessary. However, it is not compatible with other smart home systems and does not offer a measurement function for power consumption.

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D-Link DSP-W115: The flexible one


The DSP-W115 has some extras to offer. Image: © D-Link_DSP-W115 2021

The DSP-W115 from D-Link is particularly flexible. It can be controlled via WLAN from the mobile device and, like the comparison models in this list, does not require an additional smart home hub. As a special feature, this socket has a light ring that can also be used as a night light. If desired, the lighting at the WLAN socket can also be switched off completely, which can be a blessing, especially in bedrooms. The DSP-W115 is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Unfortunately, it lacks an energy consumption measurement.

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Osram Smart + Plus: The compact one

Osram Smartplus plug

The socket from Osram is comparatively compact. Image: © Osram 2021

Compared to other smart home sockets, the Smart + Plug from Osram stands out for its more compact design. Another big plus point is that it can withstand up to 3680 watts and 16 amps and thus ranks at the top of the comparison field together with the HS110. It can be networked with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue and other ZigBee-based systems, but unfortunately cannot measure energy consumption.

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