How to know if someone else is connected to your WiFi network without permission

How to know if someone else is connected to your WiFi network without permission

WiFi networks have expanded in such a way that we can no longer live without them. Even so, we cannot forget that these tend to cover large areas beyond our own home , facilitating access by other people without our consent.

Although the latest security standards for WiFi connections are more difficult to violate, if we have not used a sufficiently strong password, it is likely that someone will end up taking advantage of our Internet connection .

That is why, if you live in an urban area or even if you have noticed strange behavior on your WiFi network such as a reduction in bandwidth, it is essential to perform a network analysis or scan , in order to discover possible intruders.

How to know if someone is connected to my WiFi

In order to find out if someone else is connected to our WiFi connection without our permission, we must use a third-party application on our Xiaomi. Among the wide variety that Google Play offers us, we find Fing , a particular application that in my case I have been using for years.

Fing - Network Scanner
Fing - Network Scanner
Price: Free

Available for free, this application is capable of analyzing and scanning our entire local network in order to discover each of the connected devices . Be it a WiFi printer, a router, television or even any other smart device, Fing will show us the details of this.

To do this, we just have to open the application and then click on the option « Search for devices «. After that, we will begin to analyze, IP by IP, the range that we have established at home, thus discovering each connected device.

Cómo saber si hay alguien más conectado en tu red WiFi sin permiso. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

The good thing about this application is that it will facilitate the process of recognizing each device . To do this, taking into account your MAC, it will catalog each device not only by its type, but also by its manufacturer and in some cases by its exact model.

In addition, in order to have greater control of our network, the Fing application allows us to edit the information of each device . If we discover any that do not correspond to those that we have manually connected to our WiFi, that is when we should worry.

What to do in case of finding an unauthorized or intruder device

If we have detected an unauthorized or intruder device in our network, the next step will be to change the password of our WiFi connection . We recommend using strong passwords that contain not only letters and numbers, but also other characters.

In addition, it is essential to disable the WPS function of the router , as well as change the default password as soon as possible. A little trick is to use the "ñ" as part of the password , usually key dictionaries are in English and do not contain this character.

In summary, if you do not want to be scared, we recommend that you analyze your WiFi regularly. In addition, we recommend that you use a robust password that does not contain any existing words , but rather that each character is random. Likewise, changing the default password of your router and disabling the WPS function is essential.

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