Spotify: Update Finally Improves Search

Spotify: Update Finally Improves Search

Spotify simplifies the search in the music library of the mobile phone apps. The update should make music and podcasts easier to find.

The Spotify apps for Android and iOS are easier to use with a new update. This is ensured by an optimized search function, which lets users browse the entire library for content such as albums, songs, artists and podcasts. The previous division into music and podcasts is no longer necessary. And there are other search enhancements that Spotify is revealing in the newsroom.

Dynamic filters help with the search

New dynamic filters now help with the search. The user searches for an album, artist, playlist or podcast with a filter and then other suitable filters are automatically displayed, such as the downloaded titles in the respective category such as the songs of an artist on the mobile phone. In addition, the songs can now be sorted alphabetically, by recently played tracks or by artist name.

Release next week as an update

For instant access, up to four playlists, albums or podcast shows can be pinned, for which the users have to swipe to the right. Finally, there is a new grid view that shows the album covers, playlists and podcast covers in a larger format. The improved Spotify library will be rolled out next week as an update for the iOS and Android apps.

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