Fritz Smart Home – this is how the AVM

Fritz Smart Home – this is how the AVM

system works

With Fritz Smart Home, all Fritzbox users have their own smart home system. Here you can find out which advantages and disadvantages it offers and which devices are compatible with it.

The Fritzbox Internet routers from AVM can be found in numerous households. What many users don't know: Many Fritzboxes can also be used as smart home hubs.

The Fritzbox relies on DECT

For smart home networking, AVM relies on the DECT radio standard for the Fritzbox, which also works with cordless telephones. The DECT standard is supported by all current Fritzbox models, so that the basic hardware requirements for the use of the smart home system should already be present in most cases. This is also the greatest advantage of Fritz Smart Home.

The advantages of Fritz Smart Home

Fritzbox owners do not need an additional smart home hub because everything is controlled centrally via the router. The focal point is the Fritzbox's web interface, which can be called up in the address line of the web browser via .

The second big advantage is that Fritz Smart Home is not cloud-based, but rather that all data exchange takes place locally on the users' routers. It is also not necessary to create a dedicated user account with the manufacturer.

The disadvantages of Fritz Smart Home

A major disadvantage of Fritz Smart Home is the fact that the system is still relatively small and only compatible with a few products from third-party manufacturers. Other standards such as ZigBee or HomeMatic IP are not supported. Fritz Smart Home is therefore more suitable for beginners or for households in which individual, specific smart home solutions are to be created without major hardware and installation effort.

What products are there for the Fitz Smart Home?

AVM itself offers a manageable selection of products for its smart home system. This ranges from smart sockets and radiator thermostats to smart lamps. You can find the complete range of DECT-enabled smart home products in the picture gallery:

FRITZ! DECT 500 and FRITZ! App Smart Home

FritzDECT 500: Smart lamp based on the Philips Hue model. Image: © AVM GmbH 2021


FritzDECT 440: radio control for smart thermostats. Image: © AVM GmbH 2021


FritzDECT 400: wireless light switch for FrizDECT 500 lamps. Image: © AVM GmbH 2021


FritzDECT 301: Smart radiator thermostat. Image: © AVM GmbH 2021


FritzDECT 210: Smart socket.


FritzDECT 200: Another smart socket.


FritzDECT 100: socket and WLAN repeater.

FritzDECT products Buy now at

Which third party devices can I use?

The selection of third-party devices that are officially compatible with Fritz Smart Home is still comparatively small. Mainly devices from the smart home range of Deutsche Telekom are supported.

Led Lamps:

  • SmartHome LED lamp E27 colored (Telekom)
  • SmartHome LED lamp E27 warm white (Telekom)


  • SmartHome adapter plug inside (Telekom)
  • SmartHome adapter plug outside (Telekom)

Roller shutter drives:

  • "BoxCTRL" roller shutter drive (Becker)
  • Electric roller shutter belt winder "RolloTron DECT" (Rademacher)


  • SmartHome wall switch (Telekom)
  • SmartHome door / window contact optical (Telekom)
  • SmartHome door / window contact magnetic (Telekom)
  • SmartHome motion detector (Telekom)

Door intercom:

  • DoorLine Slim DECT (Telegärtner)


  • Eurotronic 700018 Comet

Setting up Fritz Smart Home

Because Fritz Smart Home does not require any additional hardware or user accounts, setting up the individual products is very easy in most cases. Most devices only need to be put into pairing mode once using a switch and can then be easily paired by pressing the DECT button on the Fritzbox.

Alternatively, the coupling can also be started via the Fritzbox's web interface. To do this, call up the address in the web browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone and log in with your router's password.

Fritzbox smart home thermostats

Smart home devices can be set up and managed via the browser menu. Image: © AVM / Screenshot: 2021

In the web interface you will find the menu item " Smart Home> Device Management " in the selection bar on the left, in which you can register new devices using the "Register device" button.

Control Fritz Smart Home with an app or browser

The Fritzbox web interface is also the most important control center for Fritz Smart Home. If you log into the web browser at the address with the password of your router, you can control all connected smart home devices via the menu item " Smart Home> Device Management ". There you will find a list of all the smart home devices you use. Use the pen symbol behind the respective device to edit the settings.

Fritz Smart Home App

The FritzApp Smart Home controls all smart home devices. Image: © AVM / Screenshot: 2021

Alternatively, you can control the smart home devices using your smartphone. For this you need the FritzApp Smart Home, which can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS. The app can also be used to control smart home devices while on the move. Voice control is not an option. In return, Fritz Smart Home lacks the cloud connection that would be necessary for linking to voice services such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

Conclusion on Fritz Smart Home

The smart home system from AVM represents a simple entry into the smart home world for all Fritzbox users. The biggest advantage is that the router itself serves as a hub and neither a user account nor a cloud connection is required are. All devices communicate with each other directly via DECT and do not collect any further data. In addition, the system is very easy to set up and is suitable for beginners.

One disadvantage is the low flexibility. Where other smart home systems rely on countless devices from third-party manufacturers, Fritz Smart Home mainly has devices from AVM itself or from a few third-party manufacturers. Most of the smart home systems from other manufacturers, however, are not compatible with Fritz Smart Home and voice assistants are also not available for control.

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