iOS 14.5: The major iPhone update

iOS 14.5: The major iPhone update

brings these new features

With iOS 14.5, Apple has released a comprehensive software update that brings new features to the iPhone. For example, iPhone users can use an Apple Watch to unlock their cell phone while wearing a mask. In addition, the tracking of apps and websites can be prevented in a more targeted manner.

Apple officially released the controversial iPhone update iOS 14.5 for download Monday evening, reports MacRumors . The update is particularly controversial among companies such as Facebook, which are coming under pressure from the improved tracking protection and see their business model at risk.

App tracking can be better controlled

With the new ATT (App Tracking Transparency) framework, users can control which apps and websites are allowed to track their own activities, for example in order to display targeted advertising. What improves the protection of privacy for users creates uncertainty for advertisers.

Unlock iPhone with mask – thanks to Apple Watch

iOS 14.5 also brings a practical feature for everyday life: it is well known that Face ID face recognition has problems unlocking when a mask is worn. But if you have an Apple Watch that is protected by a code, you can unlock your iPhone even with the mask on. Further innovations concern the support for the Bluetooth tracker AirTags, which were presented last week.

IOS 14.5 brings these new features

  • Emojis : Support of separate skin colors for individuals in all variations. "Kissing couple" and "Couple with a heart" as well as new emoji faces, heart emojis and emoji "woman with a beard".
  • Siri : Incoming calls are announced by Siri with the name of the caller on AirPods and compatible Beats headphones.
  • Apple Music: Text can be shared via the news app, Facebook and Instagram Stories. City charts show which songs are currently popular in more than 100 cities around the world.
  • Podcasts : App completely redesigned, episodes can be loaded for quick access and added to the media library. Adjustment of the download behavior for each podcast separately.

All other innovations and bug fixes can be viewed directly on this Apple support page .

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