How to take "little planet" photographs like this with your Xiaomi

How to take "little planet" photographs like this with your Xiaomi

In addition to communicating, one of the tasks we do most with our smartphones is taking photos. The great evolution that mobile cameras have made has made it possible for many of us to feel attracted to the world of photography, seeking to achieve effects such as the " little planet " that we want to talk about today.

Although its name may not tell you anything, you have probably seen more than once photographs taken using the little planet effect. These are none other than those that distort a conventional image, until it gives the impression that it is a small circular planet .

Unfortunately, although the camera that Xiaomi integrates in all its smartphones is very complete, it does not have the little planet or tiny planet function . For this we must use a fairly simple third-party application that we bring you below.

How to take little planet photographs with a Xiaomi

To take little planet photographs we recommend the Planetical application. This is free on Google Play and also has no advertising. Likewise, despite being free, it does not add any type of watermark, making it one of the best in the entire application store.

Cómo realizar fotografías "little planet" como esta desde tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

To get a little planet photograph, it is essential to take a proper photograph. For this, the most recommended is that it has the sky visible and also a common area at the bottom , in turn made in wide angle mode. For example, photographs of landscapes or skyline are ideal.

Once the application is downloaded, we will only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Upload the image in question from " Chose Existing " or take it directly from " Take Photo ".
  2. After that, the application will allow us to adjust several values so that we can adjust the little planet effect and achieve a quality effect.

Once we have established the effect as we like the most, we will only have to save the photograph . As we said, thanks to this application we will obtain it without any type of watermark or advertising.

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