This pizza cutter sold by Xiaomi promises to be a success on AliExpress

This pizza cutter sold by Xiaomi promises to be a success on AliExpress

Through Youpin , Xiaomi sells all kinds of products that generally have great appeal, improving our day to day. An example of this is the pizza cutter we want to talk about, which is also already sold on AliExpress and promises to be a success.

Specifically, this Pizza cutter comes under the HuoHou brand, has a size of 118x3mm and adds a weight of just 142 grams . But don't be fooled by its dimensions, its circular blade made of stainless steel promises a precise cut with almost no effort.

For this, this pizza cutter gets rid of the traditional handle, to add a more ergonomic format that will allow us to exert force from the top and thus achieve a cleaner cut of the dough of our pizza or any other food.

Este cortador de pizza que vende Xiaomi promete ser todo un éxito en AliExpress. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

In addition, its circular cutting blade is made of type 304 stainless steel , being fully protected once we slide its plastic protector . In this way we manage to maintain its edge and extend its useful life.

Beyond that, this pizza cutter allows for quick and easy cleaning . This is achieved thanks to its design and its opening system that allows us to easily remove its circular cutting blade, clean it and then reinsert it in just a few seconds.

Where to buy this pizza cutter that Xiaomi sells

We can currently buy this pizza cutter on AliExpress for about 7 euros . Its sales have already started to skyrocket and it promises to be a success thanks to its more than 40 positive reviews , rating it 4.8 out of 5.

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