Instagram: Professional account – you need to know that about

Instagram: Professional account – you need to know that about

Would you like to use and set up a professional account for Instagram? With us you will find out how this can be done in no time and what advantages a business account has.

Why a professional Instagram account?

Of course, if you only share photos with your contacts on Instagram, you don't need a business account. But if you need detailed statistics and better contact options to advance your business, you should think about a professional account.

Influencers who advertise brands and products are also properly advised with a professional account. The advantages over the private account are obvious. Despite significantly more functions, the professional account is also free. Only additional services such as placing advertisements are chargeable.

A business account on Instagram offers these advantages


  • Development of follower numbers
  • Profile calls
  • Clicks on website
  • Range of contributions
  • Interaction with content
  • Posts with the most shares, likes and comments
  • Demographic and geographic characteristics of the followers
  • When the followers were most active

Better contact options

If you opt for a business account on Instagram, you can store significantly more information in your bio than is the case with a conventional profile – such as your business location, your range of services and your industry. Even directions are possible.

Another advantage is that potential customers or business partners can contact you much more easily. You can store a button with your phone number or email address, which visitors to your profile can use to reach you with one click.


Organic reach is good, but with a little budget, the reach can be significantly expanded – by promoting contributions. With a professional Instagram account, you can easily advertise posts, define your budget and target group, and also set campaign goals. The easiest and fastest way to address new customers and target groups.

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How well are your posts performing? With a business account, you are always in the picture. Image: © Instagram 2018

Here's how you can create an Instagram business account

  1. Download the free Instagram app from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. If you don't have an account yet, you have to register now. To register, you need your name, username and password, a profile picture and information about your company.
  3. If you already have a Facebook account, you can use it to open an Instagram account. Both accounts are linked to one another. Not the best choice for purely private Facebook profiles.
  4. After successful registration, you can go to the settings of the Instagram app and go to "Switch to business profile" to switch from a private account to a professional one.
  5. Now you can store additional social media profiles in Instagram and benefit from the advantages of a business account.

Convert an existing Instagram account into a business account

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Switch to the settings of Instagram.
  3. Select "Switch to Business Profile" to switch to a professional account.

Good to know: If you want to convert your business account back into a private account one day, you can do so at any time. The decision for a business account is therefore not final.


  • A business account on Instagram offers advantages for companies and the self-employed, such as extensive statistics and advertising opportunities.
  • The business account is free and can be converted back into a private account at any time.
  • The change takes place directly in the Instagram app in the "Settings".
  • Simply select "Switch to business profile".

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