E-scooters for kids: The 5 best e-scooters for kids

E-scooters for kids: The 5 best e-scooters for kids

Are you looking for an e-scooter for children? We present five recommended models.

Find the right e-scooter for the child

E-scooters for children have slightly different requirements than scooters for adults. E-scooters are less powerful for the little ones and also do not reach such high speeds. You should consider the following three things when buying:

  1. Child size: Many e-scooters for children have a maximum rider weight of around 55 kilograms. This is especially important if the child is still carrying a heavy backpack, for example.
  2. Age of the child: In Germany, e-scooters may only be used on the road from the age of 14. Less powerful models for children under the age of 14 may only be driven on private property. E-scooters should generally only be used by children aged 8 and over. For younger children, non-electric scooters are better suited.
  3. Planned routes: When choosing an e-scooter, it is also important to know which routes the child should cover with the device. An e-scooter for the way to school, for example, should last longer than a vehicle for the short fun lap around the block.

General safety tips for children with e-scooters

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Attach additional items such as a bell or light to the e-scooter
  • Do not let children ride the scooter in pairs
  • Note the legal situation in Germany
  • Use hand signals
  • Do not carry excessive luggage
  • Take a test drive

Rollplay Wave Catcher

Rollplay Waver Catcher

Rollplay Waver Catcher Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2021

The Wave Catcher is a combination of a scooter and a skateboard. Simply turn in the direction with the height-adjustable handlebar, shift your weight, accelerate and off you go at up to 16 km / h. In training mode, the scooter only drives up to 8 km / h. The Rollplay Waver Catcher is designed for children from 8 years of age. The brake is on the rear wheel, the battery offers a driving time of 1 hour.

Rollplay Wave Catcher Buy now at

Razor E100

Razor E100

Razor E100 Image: © Razor 2021

The E-Scooter Razor E100 reaches a speed of up to 18 km / h. The device also impresses with its kick-start motor and a practical spring-loaded tilt stand. The throttle is given via a twist grip on the handlebar. A driving time of up to 60 minutes is possible in continuous operation. The Razor E100 has a pneumatic front tire, the rear wheel has a hub motor with a flat rubber tire for increased traction. The maximum load capacity of the scooter is 54 kilograms.

Razor Power Core E90

Razor Powercore E90

Razor Power Core E90 Image: © Razor 2021

The Razor Power Core E90 is a cheaper alternative to the E100. The e-scooter for children has a full steel frame, a foot brake and accelerates at the push of a button. The e-scooter also has a kickstart motor and a practical kick stand. The speed is limited to 16 km / h, in continuous operation a driving time of 70 minutes is possible. The maximum load capacity of the Power Core E90 is 50 kilograms.

Hover-1 Comet


Hover-1 Comet Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2021

The Hover-1 Comet was specially developed for use by children aged 8 and over. The 200 watt motor is limited to a top speed of 16 km / h. The built-in lithium-ion battery enables a range of up to 8 kilometers with just one battery charge. The display on the handlebars keeps you informed about the speed and the charge status. So that children can simply stop their journey, the scooter is equipped with an electric front wheel brake and a manual rear brake. The Hover-1 is designed for a maximum load weight of 68 kg and can therefore be used by children and adolescents.

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Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Zing E10

Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Zing E10

Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Zing E10 Image: © Segway 2021

The Ninebot Zing E10 kick scooter is one of the first Segway kick scooters specifically designed for teenagers. It can reach a maximum speed of 16 km / h and a battery life of up to 40 minutes, which results in a maximum range of 10 kilometers. The e-scooter can be folded quickly without the driver having to use his hands. In addition, a non-slip material was used for the running board and tires to enable a stable driving experience. The maximum load capacity is 50 kilograms.

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