These tricks will help you save battery on your POCO X3 NFC

These tricks will help you save battery on your POCO X3 NFC

The POCO X3 NFC remains one of Xiaomi's best-selling smartphones. Its great quality / price ratio makes it not only the most recommended, but also one of the ones that has generated the largest community in recent years.

And it is not for less, the POCO X3 NFC arrived on the market causing us to forget about the Redmi Note Series . Recall that in its debut, the terminal of little was much higher than the Redmi Note 9 and Note 9 Pro.

Personally, the POCO X3 NFC continues to be one of my personal smartphones, not only for everything it offers me, but also in order to help and contribute through its great community. Without going any further, below I will give you three tips or tricks that I currently have configured in my POCO to save battery .

How to save battery life on the POCO X3 NFC

These tricks will help you save battery life on your POCO X3 NFC. News Xiaomi Addicts

The first tip or trick is to set your screen to 90Hz . In this way we will save an extra battery by not applying its 120Hz and we will not give up having a high refresh rate. To do this, since MIUI does not allow it, we will have to download SetEdit from Google Play and make the following adjustments:

  1. Adjust the Hz of your POCO X3 NFC to 120Hz. For this we will have to go to Settings> Display> Refresh rate.
  2. After that, we will enter the SetEdit app and look for the user_refresh_rate record
  3. Then we will click on the record and edit it using the « EDIT VALUE « option.
  4. We will change its value to 90 , subsequently clicking on «SAVE CHANGES «.
  5. Finally we will close the SetEdit application so that the changes are saved correctly.

Another setting that I have in my POCO X3 NFC and that helps me save battery is based on reducing the time that the screen remains on . To do this, we will only have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Lock screen> Sleep
  2. Once inside we will establish the smallest value according to our needs, in my case 15 seconds.

Lastly, I have also adjusted the applications that start automatically on the POCO X3 NFC . In this way, whenever you restart it, it will only load the essential apps, thus reducing energy consumption:

  1. Go to Settings> Applications> Permissions> Automatic start
  2. Once inside, we will deactivate all those applications that we do not want to start automatically

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