Best news app: 8 recommendations for iOS and Android

Best news app: 8 recommendations for iOS and Android

News apps for iOS and Android keep you informed about the latest events. The variety is huge: there are apps with access to thousands of magazines, apps for personalized news, apps for collecting articles and apps for balanced information. We recommend these 8 of the best news apps.

Readly: Thousands of magazines & newspapers for 11 euros a month

Readly App Store

Readly offers a huge number of magazines and some newspapers on a cheap subscription basis. Image: © Apple App Store / Readly 2021

If you want to delve deeper into the news world, Readly is an offer worth considering. A monthly subscription for around 11 euros gives you access to over 5,000 magazines and newspapers from different countries. Unfortunately, the range of German newspapers is limited, specifically to Springer press publications such as "Die Welt" and the "Bild" newspaper. Those who prefer magazines are well served. There is everything imaginable like "Classic Rock", "Psychologie Heute" and "ColorFoto" to "PC Games Hardware".

Google News: Personalized news

google news

Google News is a popular destination for news on mobile. Image: © Google Play Store / Google News 2021

Google News not only informs you, you also inform the app about your news preferences and media preferences. This is how you get news on the topics and from the media that interest you . If you don't care about one type of message, tap "Fewer Messages Like This" and fewer messages of that type should appear. If you don't like whole media, you can get rid of them with "hide messages from xy". However, the personalization does not work optimally – even years later, I am still often shown messages that do not interest me at all.

Microsoft News: Alternative to Google News

microsoft news

Microsoft News is an alternative to Google News. Image: © Google Play Store / Microsoft 2021

Microsoft News works a lot like Google News. You can decide what kind of articles from which providers you want to read. Microsoft News claims it delivers " high quality news from the world's most reputable and trusted media brands." If you open the app, however, you will first be struck by tabloid reports. It can take a while to customize the messages to your liking . The weather report and the search in Microsoft's search engine Bing are prominently represented.

Pocket: An app to browse through

pocket app

With Pocket you can save articles and read them when you want. Image: © Google Play Store / Pocket 2021

In Pocket you collect articles to read later . You can save articles, videos, recipes, websites or instructions and then view them as soon as you can take the time – including articles that you receive from a subscription. It is also possible to have the content read out to you. There is a "Discover" section, but it is dedicated to articles in English. A practical app for everyone who can't read everything right away.

Flipboard: the social news reader

flipboard app

Flipboard offers personalized messages and relies on social networking. Image: © Google Play Store / Flipboard 2021

Flipboard is a popular social news reader. In such apps, you log in with a social media account such as the Facebook account and can follow other users . You get inspiration from publications that others subscribe to. Friends can also share articles with you directly. Otherwise there is the usual news personalization – you choose topics that you want to be informed about.

Feedly: news app for professionals

feedly app

The Feedly app is also a case for content creators. Image: © Google Play Store / Feedly 2021

Feedly is only available in English, but is still popular in Germany. The app is used to manage your own RSS feeds, YouTube channels, Twitter feeds, specialist journals and other content. The AI Leo learns to prioritize content. Feedly is also used professionally by people who create content themselves. Tools like Hootsuite, Zapier, Buffer and LinkedIn are integrated – as long as you get involved with the Feedly Pro subscription.

Ground News: The app against one-sidedness

ground news app

Ground News informs about the bias of articles and media. Image: © Google Play Store / Snapwise Inc. 2021

Ground News focuses on US and international news in English, but receives an honorary mention on this list. The app shows the ideological bias of individual articles as well as entire publications. In this way, readers find out whether an article has a left or right bias or whether it is located in the middle. In this way everyone can compare the sources. This is useful if you want to get as balanced information as possible. An approach that is conscious of objectivity in a time with ideologically highly divided populations.

ZDFheute: Simply sober news


The messages in the ZDFheute app are characterized by their objectivity. Image: © Google Play Store / ZDFonline 2021

Compared to many articles from private providers, the news from ZDF today seems more factual. Anyone who is bothered by the attention-grabbing reports and the shallow celebrity news in many news apps is better off with ZDFheute. Friends of public service reporting can also access written articles and not just TV reports. The app also contains the "TV" area, if a video is allowed. The separate app "ZDFmediathek & Live TV" is responsible for the actual media library.

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