How to change the style and font of your Xiaomi

How to change the style and font of your Xiaomi

Among the multitude of options that MIUI allows us to perform, we find the possibility of changing the style of the letter . An adjustment that is somewhat hidden and that also will require us to change the region in order to be able to change the type of font to be displayed on our Xiaomi.

For this we will have to use the Themes application, an app that in addition to allowing us to change the colors, icons and other elements of the MIUI interface, also allows us to change the font style of our Xiaomi.

Of course, in order to access the font customization options, we must configure the appropriate region in our Xiaomi , since if we have it configured in Spain or another country outside Asia, the option to change the letter will probably not appear. .

How to change the font style of your Xiaomi in a simple way

In order to change the style of the letter of our Xiaomi, we must first change the region. To do this, following the steps in these guides that we have created , you must select " India " or " Hong Kong " as the region of your smartphone.

Cómo cambiar el estilo y tipo de letra de tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

After that, the process is simplified, all you have to do is access Settings> Display> System font . Once accessed, we will see how the Themes application opens with the possibility of choosing from a large number of types of letters that will give a high level of customization to our Xiaomi.

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