Uninstall the driver: This is how it works under Windows 10

Uninstall the driver: This is how it works under Windows 10

Drivers can be uninstalled in Windows 10 in just a few steps. We'll tell you how to proceed if you want to uninstall a driver in Windows 10.

Why uninstall drivers?

Drivers are essential for using a computer. These are software modules that ensure that connected or built-in devices communicate with the computer and can be controlled by it. There are drivers, for example, for graphics cards, WLAN modems, but also for printers or mice.

Every now and then, however, it can happen that a component of the computer or a connected peripheral device does not work properly and the driver is to blame. This is especially the case if a certain driver version is no longer or not yet compatible with the operating system – or if there are incompatibilities with other programs. In the worst case, it may then be necessary to uninstall the driver and switch to a different version.

Uninstall the driver via the device manager

The easiest way to uninstall device drivers is through the Windows device manager.

  1. Click the right mouse button on the Start icon and select from the menu item "Device Manager".
  2. Now select the device category for which you want to uninstall a driver from the overview.
  3. Select the appropriate device with a double click and wait until the corresponding window opens.
  4. Now click on the " Driver " tab at the top, select the " Uninstall device " option and confirm the process with " Ok ".
Uninstall Windows 10 driver

You can uninstall a device driver via the device manager. Image: © Microsoft / Screenshot: 2021

Uninstall the driver using the manufacturer's software

Some drivers are complex and therefore sometimes not easy to remove from the system. Examples of this are graphics card drivers from Nvidia and AMD, which are often embedded in a comprehensive software suite. In such cases, the manufacturers often offer their own software solution for uninstalling, which can then be found in the app overview of the Windows settings.

  1. Open the Windows settings via the gear symbol in the Windows 10 start menu.
  2. Select the "Apps " submenu in the settings.
  3. Search for the driver for your graphics card in the overview, click on it and then select the " Uninstall " button.
Uninstall Windows 10 graphics driver

Graphics card drivers can often be better uninstalled via the app overview. Image: © Microsoft / Screenshot: 2021


  1. In exceptional cases it can happen that faulty or incompatible driver software leads to problems with the PC. In such cases it can help to uninstall the corresponding driver.
  2. The standard way to uninstall a driver is through the Control Panel. Double-click the device in question and then click the "Driver" tab in the settings window and the "Uninstall" button.
  3. With graphics cards in particular, it makes sense to uninstall the driver software via the app menu in Windows settings, since graphics drivers from Nvidia and AMD are often integrated into larger software suites.

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