Spotify: Invite family – this is how adding & removing works

Spotify: Invite family – this is how adding & removing works

With a family subscription to Spotify, a total of up to six people can use a premium account. We explain how you can invite individual people to the family.

Subscribe to Spotify Premium Family

If you don't have a family account on Spotify yet, you can register for one on this website. After a one-month free trial subscription, Spotify Premium Family costs 14.99 euros per month. For this price you get six premium accounts for family members who live together under one roof (i.e. have the same address).

It is better not to cheat here, for example by inviting friends with other addresses to the family. Spotify reserves the right to verify the residential address "from time to time" and to block users or entire accounts if necessary.

Invite or remove members of a family subscription

Only the person who manages the family subscription can invite or remove additional members.

  1. Go to your Spotify account overview on the web. Unfortunately, adding is not possible via the apps for iOS, Android, macOS or Windows.
  2. Scroll down to "Manage Your Family Accounts".
  3. Select the option to add or remove members. To add, you need to enter the family member's name and email address.
  4. Invited members will then receive a link by email. After you have opened it, you have to log in with your own Spotify account (or open an account) and then enter your address.
  5. To use a family subscription, all members must have the same address as the subscription administrator.
  • Note 1: You can only change family subscriptions once a year.
  • Note 2: If the invitation link has expired, open it as a test with a private or incognito window of the browser. If that doesn't help, the subscription manager has to send an invitation again.


  • First you have to subscribe to Spotify Premium Family, a normal account is not enough.
  • Adding and removing family members works through the Spotify account overview on the website.

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