Netflix app with a new download feature, initially only for Android users

Netflix app with a new download feature, initially only for Android users

Netflix is rolling out a new feature for its smartphone app. As with the Smart Download three years ago, this time Android users will be the first to enjoy the new function.

The new feature is called "Downloads For You", as announced by Netflix . The streaming giant automatically loads films and series onto your smartphone based on your interests as soon as you are in WiFi.

You decide how much content is downloaded

But do not worry: your smartphone will not be crammed with new content to the last free kilobyte. Much more, you can specify in the settings how much storage space Netflix can use for this. If you only release four gigabytes on your smartphone, only these will be used for this.

For a first guideline: Netflix states in the app that three gigabytes of storage space on the smartphone correspond to around twelve hours of content. So you don't have to worry that with two gigabytes released, for example, you will only receive one episode of a series.

The difference to Smart Download

With the "Downloads For You" feature, Netflix wants to take the film and series recommendations for you to a new level. You should always find content in the app in case you are offline and have forgotten to start the smart download.

While "Downloads For You" is based on recommendations, Smart Download only downloads data from your favorite series or films. So that when you're offline, you're not left out on dry land.

Android users at an advantage

As with the Smart Download, only Android users will initially be able to use the new Netflix feature. It is to be rolled out worldwide from today. It is unclear when iOS users will benefit. The smart download feature only came to iOS devices a good six months after the Android release. Hopefully it'll be a little faster this time …

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