Home office gadgets: 8 practical recommendations for the home

Home office gadgets: 8 practical recommendations for the home

Good home office equipment naturally includes a laptop, mouse and webcam. But with a few more gadgets you can make home work more pleasant. We are introducing eight products that make home office even more fun.

Kensington wrist rest with gel pad

Kensington wrist rest

Wrist rest by Kensington Image: © Kensington / MediaMarktSaturn 2021

Anyone who has to do a lot with a mouse and keyboard in the home office should pay attention to ergonomic work. A wrist rest can help. Our example from Kensington is equipped with a gel cushion and looks very stylish on the desk with its duo color combination. Integrated ventilation channels in the wrist rest keep your hands cool and dry.

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Notebook stand

Notebook stand

Notebook booth from Hama Image: © Hama / MediaMarktSaturn 2021

On the other hand, if you mainly work with a laptop in the home office, a notebook stand like this one from Hama is recommended. The stand takes pressure off the wrists, ensures a healthy ergonomic posture and can also be used as a holder for cookbooks, tablets and the like. Non-slip rubber pads on the underside ensure a secure footing, and the ventilation slots are not blocked, preventing overheating.

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Mini exercise bike

Mini exercise bike

Mini exercise bike from Christopeit Image: © Christopeit / MediaMarktSaturn 2021

Home office always means sitting a lot. In order to get going again during the break or after work, we recommend regular training … for example with the mini exercise bike from Christopeit. With the small ergometer you can specifically train the arm or leg muscles. The resistance can be continuously regulated using the adjustable grinding handbrake and the digital computer shows time, distance, calories consumed, pedal rotations and other information.

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Noise-canceling headphones


The noise-canceling headphones Bose Headphones 700 Image:

Anyone who does not sit alone in the home office, but has partners or children in the apartment, needs peace and quiet to concentrate on work. In such cases, noise-canceling headphones such as the Bose Headphones 700 can work wonders. The headphones have an eleven-stage noise reduction system and have six built-in microphones … so you can also use them perfectly for the next conference call in the home office!

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Memory card organizer

Memory card organizer

Memory card organizer from Hama Image: © Hama / MediamarktSaturn 2021

Do you always mess up all your memory cards in the home office and no longer know which data was on which card? Then we recommend this memory card organizer from Hama. It offers space for up to ten memory cards, is unbreakable and also has date and memo fields that can be written on.

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Beurer daylight lamp

Beurer TL 100 daylight lamp

Daylight lamps like the Beurer TL 100 are often reminiscent of the sun. Image:

Especially when working in the home office, many people often stay within their own four walls for 24 hours. In combination with the dull gray winter weather, such a lack of light can quickly affect the mind and lead to tiredness and fatigue. A daylight lamp like the Beurer TL 100 can help. With the gadget you can get at least some of the energy you need.

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Philips air purifier

Philips air purifier

Philips air purifier Image: © Philips 2021

An air purifier is recommended for those who want to bring fresh air into the home office without having to constantly open the window when the temperature is below zero. As an example, we present the Philips AC 2889/10 here. The device monitors the air quality and removes allergens, gases and odors from the air. You can choose between three automatic modes, five manual settings and a sleep mode for a relaxed night's sleep. The air purifier can be controlled via the app.

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Table fan

Table fan

Table fan Image: © Honeywell / MediaMarktSaturn 2021

With summer temperatures everyone can certainly use a fresh breeze in the home office. The HT900E table fan from Honeywell, for example, provides cooling. Compared to the previous model HT800E, the manufacturer promises a noise reduction of up to 25 percent thanks to the quieter fan blades.

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