This is what the new MIUI cinematic effects that debut on the Xiaomi Mi 11

This is what the new MIUI cinematic effects that debut on the Xiaomi Mi 11

look like

In addition to all its hardware novelties, the Xiaomi Mi 11 includes a large number of software improvements. Among these we find the new "Ultra Night Video" , but also six spectacular cinematographic effects that will give our videos a more professional touch.

In detail, it is the new MIUI " One-Click AI Cinema " system, a new way of recording videos that debuts on the Xiaomi Mi 11 and that in a simple way allows us to easily convert our videos into cinematographic artistic works , as if we were a film director.

Among these we find Frozen Time , a most striking effect that allows us to slow down only a portion of the video. Thanks to this we get effects as interesting as this:

In addition, among the cinematographic effects of the Xiaomi Mi 11 we also find Magic Zoom . This one, as if it were a Hollywood movie, recreates a background effect in zoom mode, achieving an impressive result:

Taking advantage of the photographic qualities in low light environments, the Xiaomi Mi 11 also features the Night Time-lapse cinematic effect. In itself it is a conventional time-lapse, except that it obtains very good results at night:

Slow Shutter, Frozen Video Fram and Parallel World

But there is not everything, MIUI adds other cinematographic effects to the Xiaomi Mi 11 as a Parallel World :

This is also joined by the frozen video Frame effect, something like a variant of the clone effect that we already saw debut in MIUI 12:

And finally, Slow Shutter , a cinematographic effect to use at night, in places where lights predominate:

At the moment, these six cinematic effects will only be available on the Xiaomi Mi 11 although it is likely that some of them will end up reaching some of the best Xiaomi smartphones.

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