Fire TV Stick Slow: What You Can Do About It

Fire TV Stick Slow: What You Can Do About It

If the Fire TV Stick slows down, streaming won't be fun anymore. We explain how you can make the stick work again.

Why is the Amazon Fire TV Stick getting slow?

Fire TV Sticks typically get slow for two reasons:

  • The device is overheated.
  • The memory of the device is busy.

Especially the problem of overheating occurs more often with Fire TV sticks, especially with older generations. Fortunately, this has improved slightly since the 4K model.

When the Fire TV Stick overheats, the WiFi component is most likely to be affected. So if your streaming stick should often lose the connection or suddenly restart, overheating is probably the cause.

Making Amazon Fire TV Stick Faster: General Tips

With these considerations in mind, here are some things to try when the Fire TV Stick is slow:

  • Restart Fire TV Stick: The Fire TV Stick does not have a power button and automatically switches to standby mode after a while if it is not used. From this, the device is woken up again via remote control … but can then have performance problems. A restart usually helps: "Settings> My Fire TV> Restart".
  • Use VPN: Using a VPN can help to limit data rates. In this guide you will learn how to set up a VPN on the Fritzbox.
  • Deactivate automatic playback for video and audio under "Settings> User settings> Recommended content".
  • Switch off notifications under "Settings> User settings> Notification settings> Do not interrupt> On" or "Settings> User settings> Notification settings> App notifications".
  • Activate automatic updates under "Settings> Apps> Appstore> Automatic updates> On".
  • Deactivate unused services such as Prime Photos or Whispersync under "Settings> Apps> Amazon Photos" or "Settings> Apps> GameCircle> Whispersync for games".
  • Remove unused apps under "Settings> Apps> Manage installed apps".
  • Switch off data collection under "Settings> User settings> Data protection settings" or "Settings> User settings> Data monitoring".
  • Reset Fire TV Stick under "Settings> My Fire TV> Factory data reset".

If the Fire TV Stick overheats, it will slow down significantly. Image: © 2017

Making Amazon Fire TV Stick Faster: The Storage

To relieve the memory of the Fire TV Stick, you should delete all apps installed on it that you do not use regularly. This primarily ensures free storage space, of course, but also terminates unwanted background processes that put a strain on memory and CPU.

Since the Fire TV Stick's operating system is based on Android, you can also install a clean-up app such as Files from Google on the device. We have explained how this works in principle at this point using the example of Sky Ticket .

Making Amazon Fire TV Stick Faster: Hardware

Finally, you can try two hardware tricks that you can use to make a slow Amazon Fire TV Stick work.

  1. Switch to USB port for power supply: If the Fire TV Stick is supplied with power via the mains, it receives constant power and is therefore warm when it starts (similar to a smartphone that is permanently charged overnight). So if your TV has a free USB slot, it is best to connect the stick there with a separately available cable. This means that the stick is only supplied with energy when the television is switched on. Not all TV models have USB ports that provide enough power. In such a case, the stick's performance can also suffer.
  2. Use an Ethernet adapter: Normally, the Fire TV Stick is connected to the Internet via WiFi. A much more stable and faster internet connection is possible via LAN. Ethernet adapters are available in stores for this purpose, which are connected to the stick via USB and into which an Ethernet cable is then plugged.
  3. Make holes in the case: Our last tip is for the daring hobbyist. The implementation is therefore at your own risk! To cool down the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can also drill holes in the plastic housing. This should allow the air to circulate inside better. The clips on the case of the Fire TV Stick can be opened relatively easily with a flat screwdriver. When you have removed the housing, you can gently (!) Drill holes in it with a small drill. In the following video, a YouTuber shows how the whole thing can look:

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