Soundbase: 5 devices on which you can place your television

Soundbase: 5 devices on which you can place your television

If you don't want to have a soundbar in front of or above your TV, a soundbase is interesting for you. Not only does it offer better sound, it also serves as a space for your television set. We have put together five recommended soundbases for you.

Sonos Playbase


Sonos Playbase Image: © Sonos 2021

The Sonos Playbase is probably one of the best-known representatives – and it also looks chic. It scores with a natural and equally broad sound and can be easily integrated into an existing Sonos multiroom network. So you can effortlessly add a bass or rear speakers to get an even better home theater sound.

With its rounded design, the Sonos Playbase is visually pleasing, and it is also extremely stable: TVs up to a weight of 35 kilograms can be placed on it – probably quite sufficient for most modern TVs.

But it also has a few small disadvantages: There is no HDMI connection and no support for Hi-Res audio. If you can do without it, the Sonos Playbase is a really successful sound upgrade for the living room.

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Canton DM 100


Canton DM 100 Image: © Canton 2021

The Canton DM 100 has a simple design and thus fits well into the living room – and delivers a very clear sound. While the bass is also strong, the highs can sometimes sound a bit too bright. The Canton Soundbase can process the aptX Bluetooth audio codec, with which you can enjoy music from supported devices almost in CD quality. You can connect the model to your TV using an optical audio cable, unfortunately there is no HDMI port.

With the Canton DM 100 you should also pay attention to whether your desired TV fits on it – the dimensions are much smaller than with the Sonos Playbase. You don't have to worry about the right weight for that. The housing of the Soundbase can easily withstand televisions weighing up to 40 kilograms. You can also connect your own subwoofer via the sub-out connection.

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Q Acoustics M2


Q Acoustics M2 Image: © Q 2021

The Q Acoustics M2 from the British manufacturer looks unspectacular, but the sound convinces with clear, powerful sounds and the soundbase is easy to use, although the associated remote control could have been more convenient. You can connect the Q Acoustics M2 to your TV either via HDMI or via an optical audio cable.

Streaming via Bluetooth devices is also supported, and the device even processes the high-resolution aptX Bluetooth audio codec. Although the soundbase has a very stable design, the maximum weight of the television must not exceed the limit of 25 kilograms.

Teufel sound deck

devil sound deck

Teufel Sounddeck Image: © Teufel 2021

The Teufel Sounddeck is positioned as an all-in-one system for TV sound and music streaming via WLAN. Simply place the TV on the housing of the sound deck and enjoy rich sound. You can connect the soundbase to your TV via HDMI, or an optical audio connection is also available. You can also expand the sound deck into a multiroom system and combine it with other compatible speakers from Teufel.

The Soundbase is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant and also has an integrated Chromecast – so you can play music from more than 100 different sources over the WiFi. A 280 watt amplifier, 6 high-end drivers and 2 downfire subwoofers promise rich sound, regardless of whether you are playing movies or music. A sound base for the highest demands.

Cambridge Audio TV5

cambridge audio

Cambridge Audio TV5 Image: © Cambridge 2021

This soundbase delivers rich sound with decent bass and also has a lot to offer technically: the aptX model supports Bluetooth, which means you can easily enjoy hi-res music from appropriate sources. You can connect the soundbase via HDMI, an optical audio connection is also available. Unfortunately, there is no remote control, and there is no LC display. Nevertheless, with the Audio TV5 you get a sound base that significantly improves your home theater with excellent sound.

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