This is the interior of the new Xiaomi Mi 11 and it seems easy to repair

This is the interior of the new Xiaomi Mi 11 and it seems easy to repair

As usual, Xiaomi has shown us the inside of its latest smartphone a few days after its launch. This time it is the Teardown of the Xiaomi Mi 11 , a smartphone of the most complete in terms of hardware that also seems to be easy to repair .

In video format, Xiaomi shows us each of the hardware components of its latest flagship , in a fascinating journey that will undoubtedly delight technology lovers.

Throughout the video we will not only see the main board of the Xiaomi Mi 11 together with its Snapdragon 888 , but also other technologies such as its Dual SIM 5G slot, its wireless and reverse charging system and of course , its huge 108MP photographic sensor .

In addition, we are also shown other hardware components such as its double speaker made in collaboration with Harman Kardon or its linear motor capable of generating the most realistic haptic sensations.

Así es el interior del nuevo Xiaomi Mi 11 y parece sencillo de reparar. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

The 108MP sensor of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is huge.

Finally we are shown the Quad-Curve panel of the Xiaomi Mi 11 and its fingerprint sensor that as a curiosity is also capable of measuring our heart rate .

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