For the home office: 5 practical labeling devices for more organization

For the home office: 5 practical labeling devices for more organization

Labeling devices can help strengthen the organization and maintain a better overview, especially in the home office. We have put together five recommended labeling devices for you with which you can keep your home office tidy.

Brother PTP 300 BT P-touch


Brother PTP 300 BT P-touch Image: © Brother 2021

This device is a labeling device that takes a different approach: text is not entered directly on the device itself, but conveniently via a smartphone app using Bluetooth. They are available for both Android smartphones and iPhones, and the design itself is also done using it. You can choose templates from different categories, such as storage or home office – a total of more than 1,000 symbols (yes, also emojis) and 61 frames are also waiting for you.

The device accepts tapes in widths between 3.5 and 12 millimeters, which are printed at up to 20 millimeters per second. Band width as well as print and tape color of the inserted cassette are automatically recognized by the app and displayed accordingly. In addition, with its square, rounded look, the labeling device is also visually pleasing.

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Dymo LabelManager LMR 160


Dymo LabelManager LMR 160 Image: © Dymo 2021

The LMR 160 from Dymo is a classic labeling device: You can enter texts using the keyboard, and quick access keys can be used to format in no time. Before printing, you can preview the label on the large LCD screen and correct it if necessary. You can choose from a total of six font sizes, eight text and four frame styles as well as underlining.

For a professional look, 228 different symbols and cliparts are the same. If the labeling device is not used, it switches off automatically. Anyone looking for an uncomplicated and powerful labeling device is well served with the Dymo label manager.

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Dymo LabelWriter 450


Dymo LabelWriter 450 Image: © Dymo 2021

The LabelWriter 450 from Dymo is a labeling machine for higher demands. It is much more versatile and prints larger labels than conventional labeling machines. So you can easily create 4-line address labels with it. After you have connected the device to your computer, you can make the desired entries.

You can easily create and print labels from common Office programs such as Microsoft Word or Outlook – additional software is not required. Thanks to an improved graphics mode, you can print labels in a very good resolution of 600 x 300 dpi and choose from more than 100 styles and layouts. The ideal device for all users in the home office who often have to print labels and want to use various options.

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Brother PT-D400VP


Brother PT-D400VP Image: © Brother 2021

Thanks to its compact design, the Brother PT-D400VP fits perfectly into your home office. With its white-gray look, it fits any desk, thanks to the three-line LCD screen, you can easily read inputs. Speaking of entries: thanks to the QWERTY keyboard, they are particularly easy and quick. You can easily check the text, layout and label length before printing, with up to five lines of text fit on a label.

A total of 825 characters and 617 symbols are available, whereby frequently used symbols can be quickly reused via their own history. Features like printing barcodes, numbering or multiple printouts are also possible. Labels with a size between 3.5 and 18 millimeters wide can be printed at a maximum speed of 20 millimeters per second. A real all-rounder for the home office.

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Brother PT-H500


Brother PT-H500 Image: © Brother 2021

The PT-H500 from Brother is aimed at more professional users. You can enter data directly on the device itself or conveniently on the computer. The model has a back tape printing for laminated labels that are smudge, weather and scratch resistant. The laminated tapes are therefore particularly durable.

14 fonts, ten font styles, 826 characters and 617 symbols are available for the design, you can also fall back on various templates. The printing speed is up to 30 millimeters per second. You can also easily integrate mail merge, barcodes, numbering or other elements. The professional labeling machine for high demands.

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