Mobile internet for laptop: You have these options

Mobile internet for laptop: You have these options

If you want to work on the go, you need mobile internet for your laptop. In any case, unless you want to rely exclusively on available WiFi networks. We explain which options are available for you.

Anyone who not only works with their laptop in their own four walls, but also on the go, needs reliable internet – always and everywhere. But in Germany in particular, free public WiFi is nowhere near as well developed as in many other countries. Therefore, when in doubt, you should not rely on it, but take precautions yourself.

The most obvious option is obvious – use the cellular tariff of your cell phone . In this way, you can create a WiFi hotspot on both Android smartphones and iPhones in no time at all, with which your laptop can easily connect. The advantage: additional hardware is not required, nor is a separate data plan.

There is only one thing you should keep in mind with this option: as convenient as it is, a laptop that is being used intensively drains your data volume much faster. If you have a tariff with enough inclusive volume, that will hardly bother you. With smaller tariffs with only a few gigabytes of volume per month, however, you can quickly reach your limits – and booking mobile data is still expensive in this country. In addition, the feature sucks your smartphone battery empty faster.

Mobile internet for the laptop with a personal WiFi hotspot

Help Use smartphone as WiFi hotspot

Using the smartphone as a WiFi hotspot is the easiest option for mobile internet on the laptop. Image: © 2016

Android smartphone

  1. Go to Settings> Wireless & networks> Tethering & portable hotspot> Portable WiFi hotspot> Configure WiFi hotspot.
  2. Sometimes the WiFi network name is already defined, otherwise you can rename it.
  3. Set a secure password so that nobody but you can log in.
  4. Click "Save" to save the WiFi hotspot.
  5. With your laptop you can now connect to the WiFi network you just created and use the mobile data on your cell phone.

Please note: Depending on the smartphone, the section in point 1 can also be called "Connections" or "Network & Internet".


  1. Go to Settings> Personal Hotspot> Allow Other Access.
  2. Enter a secure password for your WiFi hotspot under "WiFi password".
  3. You can then connect to your laptop via the WiFi network you just created.

Mobile internet for the laptop with internet sticks

surf stick

Internet sticks are also available without a contract. Image: © Huawei 2021

If you want to use mobile internet on your laptop independently of the smartphone, surf sticks are the most convenient choice. These are small sticks that you connect to the USB port on your laptop and into which you can insert a SIM card. Internet sticks are available without a contract , so you are initially free of monthly payments and terms. You then decide on a tariff of your choice – whether on a prepaid basis or with a fixed term.

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Mobile internet for the laptop with an LTE router


LTE routers provide several devices with Internet access. Image: © TP-Link 2021

Mobile LTE routers are another alternative. You can use it even more flexibly compared to the surf stick, since the connection here is via WLAN. With an LTE router, you not only supply your laptop with mobile internet, but also other devices such as smartphones or tablets.

As with the surf sticks, you also equip your mobile LTE router with a SIM card and a tariff of your choice. Compared to conventional surf sticks, LTE routers usually have additional features, such as a display directly on the device that informs you about the signal strength and the battery level.

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  • The easiest way to get mobile internet for the laptop is to create a WiFi hotspot with your smartphone.
  • The disadvantage is that the data volume can quickly run out – especially since the hunger for data is greater on the laptop than on a cell phone, for example because of larger websites.
  • Alternatively, you can connect a surf stick to the laptop, for which you need a corresponding SIM card with a data plan.
  • A mobile LTE router is another alternative; a SIM card with a tariff is also required here, so the router can be used more flexibly than on a laptop.

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