Capable of withstanding drops of up to 2 meters, that's how strong the Xiaomi Mi 11

Capable of withstanding drops of up to 2 meters, that's how strong the Xiaomi Mi 11


If there is one thing that the Xiaomi Mi 11 can boast of, it is its great durability. Its innovative Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protection makes it a smartphone resistant to drops and scratches , above what we are used to.

Proof of this is the new advertisement that Xiaomi has made of its latest flagship. A small video where the resistance of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is shown , being able to withstand falls of up to 2 meters in height .

This is possible thanks to the Gorilla Glass Victus protection that the Xiaomi mi 11 integrates not only on its front, but also on its back. In theory, this protection is 1.5 times more resistant to falls than other protection systems and up to 2 times more resistant to scratches .

Xiaomi Mi 11, a smartphone capable of withstanding drops of up to 2 meters

Capaz de resistir caídas de hasta 2 metros, así de resistente es el Xiaomi Mi 11. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Xiaomi Mi 11 in a leather effect finish.

To show us that this is truly the case, Xiaomi has published a new ad where we can see what the Xiaomi Mi 11 is capable of . In it, in a rather original way, the terminal is dropped from different heights, thus demonstrating its great consistency.

First, the Xiaomi Mi 11 is subjected to a 79cm drop and without practically any scratches, it manages to survive this type of falls, which is usually the most conventional. After that, Xiaomi also puts its flagship to the test from 147cm in height, as well as from 200cm , all with resistance to impact.

Without a doubt, the story regarding Xiaomi and the durability of its smartphones has changed enormously. Although, in its beginnings, the resistance of its mobile devices was questioned, today it turns out to be one of the companies that invests the most in improving the build quality of its smartphones .

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