Notifications do not reach your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite? So you can fix it

Notifications do not reach your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite? So you can fix it

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite has become the wearable of the moment, a smartwatch with a great quality / price ratio that competes directly against the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 but offering us a larger screen and perhaps most importantly, built-in GPS .

To link the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite with our smartphone we must make use of the Xiaomi Wear application, a fairly simple app but if we do not configure it correctly we will stop receiving notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

That is why below we are going to leave you two key points that you should configure yes or yes on your Xiaomi so that the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite does not stop receiving notifications . Of course, before all this you must have your watch correctly linked with the Xiaomi Wear application.

Receive notifications on the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

¿Las notificaciones no llegan a tu Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite? Así puedes solucionarlo

Once the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is linked to our smartphone through the Xiaomi Wear application, we must make the following adjustments to not stop receiving notifications on the watch :

  1. Go to Settings> Battery and performance
  2. Once inside we will click on the upper gear icon and we will go to « Battery saving in applications «.
  3. After that we will look for the Xiaomi Wear application, click on it and select " No restrictions ".

In addition, in order to always keep the Xiaomi Wear application open and prevent it from closing, we must perform the following steps:

  1. Access multitasking, either through the navigation button or through gestures (swipe from bottom to top).
  2. Press and hold the Xiaomi Wear application until new icons appear next to it
  3. Click on the padlock icon.

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