This kit sold by Xiaomi is ideal for any wine lover

This kit sold by Xiaomi is ideal for any wine lover

Practically daily, Xiaomi usually surprises us with new and interesting products for sale on Youpin . An example of this is this kit designed for wine lovers , which we want to talk about today.

Made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and highly durable ABS plastics , this kit for wine lovers is composed of a practical electric corkscrew , a wine oxygenator and a stopper with which to keep that wine that so much you like.

For its part, the electric corkscrew has a compact and extremely elegant design that allows us to uncork any bottle of wine in just 6 seconds . In addition, it adds a battery capable of providing an autonomy of up to 70 openings.

kit vino xiaomi sacacorcho electrico, tapon y oxigenador de vino. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

For its part, the wine stopper included in this kit sold by Xiaomi has a preservation system, capable of generating a small vacuum of -0.024Mpa . Its design is also very elegant and adapts to any wine bottle format.

These two accessories are joined by a practical wine oxygenator . Thanks to its design, it allows to oxygenate the broths in just a few seconds as we serve it. Thanks to this, we will be able to enhance its flavor and maximize its aroma .

Where to buy this Xiaomi wine lover kit

If this kit for wine lovers that Xiaomi sells has convinced you, its price will do more. For just about 40 euros we can buy the entire Xiaomi wine kit , although we can also buy each component more economically separately.

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