10 mistakes in handling household appliances – and the solution

10 mistakes in handling household appliances – and the solution

Household appliances can be quite expensive, depending on their size and type. All the more annoying when the refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. quit work early. The good news: There are a number of things you can do to significantly extend the life of your household appliances. Just avoid some of the common mistakes when dealing with them. You can find ten of the most common errors and their solutions here.

Mistake in handling the refrigerator

Turn on the refrigerator too early

First of all, a note: refrigerators should always be transported upright to prevent oil from escaping from the compressor or the suction silencer.

At least as important, however, is not to switch the refrigerator on too early after setting it up. If, for whatever reason, oil should leak and get into the compressor or cooling circuit, it is important to give the liquid time to flow back. Otherwise the oil can get into the cylinder and cause considerable damage.

  • Tip: How long you have to wait after setting up depends on the manufacturer and model, but with modern devices it is usually between two and 12 hours.

Wrong location

Household appliances can be a little tricky in terms of location – especially the refrigerator. It should not be placed too close to the wall or too close to sources of heat such as a stove or oven.

Because: If the refrigerator is directly against the wall, the waste heat cannot be radiated sufficiently well. If the refrigerator heats up due to the effects of external heat, the device has to work harder to maintain the cooling – in the long run this is quite a burden for the technology.

  • Tip: A few centimeters from the rear wall and a location away from the stove, oven and the like are more than half the battle here.

Food that is too warm

Warm or even still hot food should only be placed directly in the refrigerator in exceptional cases. If the internal temperature is driven up by the high internal temperature of roasts and the like, your cool kitchen helper will have to expend some energy to restore the optimal cooling temperature.

  • Tip: In general, a certain systematic approach to putting food in the refrigerator cannot do any harm.

Hopefully this chicken was already cold beforehand … Image: © antoniotruzzi / Thinkstock 2017

Mistake in handling the dishwasher

Stickers on the dishes

Labels from the manufacturer are often attached to new dishes and cooking utensils, but at least the price label. They should be removed before the first wash in the dishwasher. If the stickers come off during the flushing process, they can collect in the filters – and block them sooner or later.

  • Tip: Orange oil is a great label remover. Why? Because the oil contains natural terpenes – they work like petroleum ether, but are completely non-toxic. Soap can also work wonders. Simply rub the label with it and let it work for a short time.

Load the dishwasher incorrectly

Placing crockery and cutlery properly in the dishwasher is not only important for optimal washing results. The lifespan of your household appliance also benefits significantly from skilful "dishwasher Tetris". In the worst case, wandering cutlery can get between the rotating spray arms and block them.

  • Tip: Put the cutlery in the designated basket, align bowls, pots and other deep vessels with the bottom facing up and the foundation stone is laid.

Even properly arranged dishes will help your dishwasher last longer – and ensure better washing results. Image: © AndreyPopov / Thinkstock 2017

Mistake in handling the washing machine

Heavy objects on the machine

So that your washing machine can do its job properly and does not give up prematurely, you should not place any heavy objects on the machine (let alone climb onto the household appliance!). Otherwise the housing can be damaged, especially during the wash and spin cycle.

  • Tip: Heavy objects belong on the shelf or in the cupboard, light things like (a few) towels or a roll of toilet paper can of course also be parked on the washing machine.

Forgotten small parts

More important than many people think: Check the pockets of all laundry items before each wash. Forgotten change, paper clips and the like can damage not only clothing but also components of the machine during the wash cycle.

  • Tip: If you check the pockets of your laundry before your pants, shirt, etc. go into the laundry basket, you don't run the risk of forgetting to do it before the wash cycle.

Wrong detergent

Obviously, but still worth mentioning: You should only use suitable detergents for washing clothes. Conventional soap foams far too much and can therefore also cause damage. Too much detergent can also have this effect.

  • Tip: Only use the detergent preparations provided.

Unsuitable detergent or too much detergent can damage the washing machine. Image: © diego_cervo / Thinkstock 2017

Mistake in handling the microwave

Not microwaveable dishes

There are dishes that are suitable for the microwave (usually identified by appropriate emblems on the underside) and dishes that are not suitable. The latter should not go into the microwave if at all possible. And not because of trivialities, but because otherwise, in the worst case, a fire could result!

  • Tip: If plates, mugs, etc. show a square symbol with waves on the underside that is crossed , you should not put this item in the microwave.

Ignore dirt crusts

It may be an unpopular task, but every now and then the microwave should be cleaned thoroughly. In this way you not only ensure the hygienic conditions in a household appliance that you use to warm up your food, but also significantly increase the potential lifespan of the beeping helper.

  • Tip: In our extra guide you will find 4 effective tips on how to clean your microwave without stress.

Not microwaveable? Image: © Jaroslav74 / Thinkstock 2017

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