Deactivating Siri: How to switch off the voice service on the iPhone

Deactivating Siri: How to switch off the voice service on the iPhone

Apple has greatly improved its iPhone voice service Siri over the years – but not everyone wants to use voice control. We'll tell you how to deactivate Siri.

Siri is deeply integrated into the iPhone operating system iOS – even in the search suggestions. The artificial intelligence works a lot in the background and listens to your word – but not everyone wants that. For this reason, you can turn off the voice assistant's word and deactivate Siri.

Deactivate Siri: Here's how

  1. "Settings> Siri & Search"
  2. Uncheck "Pay attention to 'Hey Siri'"
  3. Disable "Press Side Button for Siri"
  4. Disable "Allow Siri When Locked"

As soon as you turn off the first two Siri options, a pop-up window will appear asking if you want to deactivate Siri. In this case, choose "Deactivate Siri" to switch off the voice service.

siri-turn off

You can turn off all Siri features in the settings. Image: © Screenshot / Apple 2021

Turn off Siri suggestions

In this context, you should also deactivate the Siri suggestions. These are the notices based on artificial intelligence that appear when searching or on the lock screen, for example. If you enter something in the Spotlight search, Siri directly receives suggestions for the corresponding apps, based on previous usage, among other things.

  1. Go to Settings> Siri & Search.
  2. Disable "Suggestions When Searching".
  3. Turn off On Lock Screen.
  4. Disable "On Home Screen".
  5. Disable "Suggestions When Sharing".

Turn off Siri suggestions for individual apps

If you don't want to deactivate the Siri suggestions completely, but only for individual apps, this is also possible.

  1. Go to Settings> Siri & Search.
  2. Now scroll down to the app you want to turn off Siri suggestions for.
  3. Deactivate "Learn from this app".
  4. Deactivate "Show suggestions from the app".
  5. Deactivate "Suggest an app".
  6. Deactivate "Show app in 'Search'.
  7. Deactivate "Show suggestions from the app".

Turn off Siri syncing with iCloud

Since Siri is constantly learning, data is also accessed across devices. Finally, Siri is synced with iCloud by default. You can prevent data access by switching off the synchronization.

  1. "Settings> Your Apple ID> iCloud"
  2. Deactivate Siri

If you want to use Siri again at a later point in time, no problem – you can switch the voice assistant back on in the twinkling of an eye in the settings of your iPhone. You may have to relearn speech recognition when you activate "Hey Siri" so that Siri can better distinguish your voice from others.

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