Laptop for video editing: 5 extremely powerful notebooks

Laptop for video editing: 5 extremely powerful notebooks

Whether as a vlogger or freelancer in the film or advertising industry: If you are looking for a good laptop for video editing, you have to be prepared to spend a little more money. We'll tell you which criteria you should pay attention to when buying and introduce you to five notebooks that can handle high-resolution video material and post-production effects.

Video Editing Laptops: That's It

In order to process 4K video material, to create special effects and to render long videos from many image and audio tracks, a PC with a lot of power is required. As a mobile alternative to a stationary computer, there are powerful notebooks, for example these 7 gaming laptops that my colleague Andreas recommends. This also includes notebooks suitable for video editing for less than 1,000 euros.

Depending on the requirements, it may be advisable to pay attention to special components when buying, such as a dedicated graphics card for video editing. It is also important to find a compromise between the size of the laptop and the performance. The stronger the device, the bigger and heavier it is usually. Before you buy, you should therefore consider which of these criteria are particularly important to you:

  • Display size: With small laptops you are very mobile, more powerful models are usually larger. A larger screen can also be an advantage when dealing with many windows within the editing software.
  • Display resolution: If you process 4K or even 8K material, a Full HD display will not be enough. Color corrections also require screens with the most accurate possible color reproduction.
  • Processor: Think about how many cores the processor should have. Video editing is one of the applications that benefit from more computing cores. Is an i5 enough? Or should it be an i7 or an i9? AMD's current Ryzen 3000 and 4000 series are also worth a look.
  • RAM: Video editing uses a lot of RAM because it caches the material you are editing.
  • Graphics card: Laptops with a dedicated graphics card are best for cutting videos. The mobile models can now also keep up with graphics cards for desktop computers.
  • Connections: It is also important to take a look at the connections. For example, if you want to use external graphics cards, a Thunderbolt 3 port should be available. An SD card reader is also practical, as it saves you having to take an external card reader with you.

MacBook Pro (16 inch)

apple macbook pro 16 inch laptop video editing

An excellent trackpad and touch bar speak for the MacBook Pro. Image: © SATURN 2020

If you want to work with Apple's popular editing software Final Cut Pro, you can't avoid buying a Mac. You are well advised with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, a powerful and at the same time slim and light laptop. The Intel processors up to the i9 can be combined with up to 64 GB RAM, models of the AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series are available as graphics cards.

The highlights of the MacBook Pro include the excellent trackpad and the touch bar, which has different functions depending on the app. In video editing, for example, you can simply wind through the video material. Apart from the high price, the disadvantage is the small number of ports, and there is no SD card slot either.

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Acer ConceptD 7

acer conceptd 7 laptop video editing

The Acer ConceptD 7 has a calibrated and tested display for professional design work. Image: © SATURN 2020

With the ConceptD 7, Acer has a laptop with some of the currently most powerful components on offer. Thanks to the Nvidia RTX graphics card, Intel Core i7 processor and 16 to 32 GB RAM, the model is very suitable for video editing. Since the 4K IPS screen of the ConceptD 7 is Pantone color system calibrated, the laptop can also be used for color corrections. The Acer computer is a good Windows alternative to the MacBook Pro. It is not quite as slim and light as the Apple laptop, but it offers a larger and more varied selection of connections.

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Microsoft Surface Book 3 (15 inch)


The Surface Book 3 is a convertible with a detachable keyboard and high graphics performance. Image: © SATURN 2020

Another powerful Windows alternative to the MacBook Pro is the Microsoft Surface Book 3. The 15-inch version in particular, which my colleague Andreas has already tested , is very suitable for video editing. Thanks to the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q, the Surface Book has a lot of GPU power and is suitable for very demanding graphics work.

The 15-inch display has a resolution of 3240 x 2160 pixels and enables pen input using a Surface Pen. There is an SD card reader in the keyboard section, but there is no Thunderbolt 3 port. Thanks to the detachable keyboard and a battery life of up to 11.5 hours according to the manufacturer, the Surface Book is extremely versatile and flexible – but depending on the equipment, it can also be very expensive.

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Dell XPS 15

dell xps 15 laptop video editing

The Dell XPS 15 is advertised as the "smallest performance laptop in the world". Image: © SATURN 2020

Dell's XPS 15 scores with a 4K OLED display that covers 132 percent of the sRGB color space and delivers 434 nits of brightness. The performance is in no way inferior to the graphics: Inside work Intel processors of the tenth generation up to the Core i9 with up to 64 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal memory. The graphics card is not among the most powerful in this segment, but there are SD card readers and a Thunderbolt 3 port. The battery life is good for a 4K laptop, but not great. The high-quality processing with aluminum and carbon as well as the low weight are convincing.

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MSI Creator 15


MSI's Creator 15 meets the highest graphics requirements. Image: © SATURN 2020

The MSI Creator 15 already bears its specialization in the name: the laptop with Nvidia GeForce RTX super graphics card is aimed at creative professionals. A tenth generation Intel Core i7 and up to 32 GB of RAM ensure sufficient performance for video editing, the internal memory holds up to 512 GB. Like the Dell XPS 15, the Creator has a 4K display and covers 100 percent of the AdobeRGB color gamut. The housing is made of aluminum and was then sandblasted. SD card reader and Thunderbolt 3 port are available. The manufacturer also highlights the battery capacity of a generous 99.9 Wh.

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