New Samsung TVs can adjust HDR to the ambient light

New Samsung TVs can adjust HDR to the ambient light

With HDR10 + Adaptive, Samsung wants to enrich its new QLED televisions with a new HDR format. With HDR10 + Adaptive, the high-contrast images adapt to the ambient light. The manufacturer is following in the footsteps of Dolby Vision IQ.

Samsung is already warming itself up for CES 2021. Among other things, the manufacturer wants to present a new generation of its QLED televisions at the fair. For the first time, they should also bring a new feature called HDR10 + Adaptive, as the company announced on Wednesday via press release .

HDR should react to the ambient light

As the name suggests, HDR10 + Adaptive is an extension of the HDR10 + format. This is coupled with an ambient light sensor in the TV set. Depending on how much ambient light the sensor measures, the HDR display should then be adapted dynamically.

In this way, Samsung wants to ensure that viewers can enjoy the best possible HDR experience in any lighting environment. A similar technology called Dolby Vision IQ has been available for the Dolby Vision HDR format for some time.

HDR is one of the most exciting TV technologies in recent years. The possibility of expanding the color space and showing more gradations of brightness on the display ensures a more realistic and plastic picture in many cases. One problem, however, is that HDR content has so far been particularly effective when the television is in a darkened room. In contrast, HDR does not work quite as impressively in strong ambient light. Technologies such as HDR10 + Adaptive and Dolby Vision IQ start at this point.

The different HRD formats

In addition to HDR10 + and Dolby Vision, there are a number of other HDR formats. This article provides an orientation in the format jungle.

Technology also has its critics

However, such technologies also have numerous critics among home theater fans. If you like to adjust your TV picture yourself to adapt it to your taste and viewing habits, you shouldn't have much fun with features that permanently adapt the picture. However, HDR10 + can perhaps also be deactivated.

It is expected that the new Samsung televisions for the 2021 model year will already offer HDR10 + Adaptive. It is still unknown whether and when the feature can be upgraded to older models via software updates.

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