Best music app for iPhone and Android: 7 recommendations

Best music app for iPhone and Android: 7 recommendations

Listening to music on the go is easier than ever today. You have the choice between numerous good music apps for iPhone and Android. We present the best known and best apps.

1. Spotify: Still the top dog

Spotify 03

Spotify is the most popular music streaming app. Image: © Spotify 2020

Spotify is by far the best known and most popular app for music streaming. This is mainly due to the huge number of songs, artists and podcasts, but also to the fact that there is a free basic package. This offers only limited functions and advertising, but is perfect for sniffing out. A big plus point is the fact that Spotify can be used on pretty much any device, from smartphones and PCs to smart TVs and smart speakers.

costs offer
Price: free / from 9.99 euros per month Songs : over 60 million

Quality: 160 kbit / s (free), 320 kB / s (premium)

Platform: iOS, Android and more

2. Deezer: The Eternal Challenger


Deezer has an attractive offer that competes with Spotify. Image: © Deezer 2020

Deezer's business model is very similar to Spotify's. The French provider also combines a free trial offer with an optional monthly subscription. The huge range of Internet radio stations and the SongCatcher function particularly stand out at Deezer. Similar to Shazam, the latter can identify songs that you hear around you.

costs offer
Price: free / from 9.99 euros per month Songs: over 56 million

Quality: 320 kbit / s

Platform: iOS, Android and more

3. Apple Music: Close to the artists

Apple Music

Apple Music doesn't just work with iPhone. Image: © Apple 2016

Apple Music isn't just for Apple devices. The app comes up with a huge catalog of songs, albums and artists and also offers extra content by and with the various bands and solo artists. These include documentaries, concert appearances and more. Apple Music also supports all important convenience functions on Android devices, such as streaming via Chromecast. However, there is no free version like Spotify and Deezer.

costs offer
Price: from 9.99 euros per month Songs: over 53 million

Quality: 256 kbit / s

Platform: iOS, Android and more

4. YouTube Music: For fans of music videos

YouTube music

Just like Spotify and Deezer, YouTube Music has a free basic offer. In principle, users can browse the entire catalog, but only if the app is running in the foreground on the smartphone and the display is switched on. Listening to music on the side while the mobile phone is in your pocket is only possible for paying users. The highlight of YouTube Music is the wide availability of music videos that other services cannot offer in a comparable form. But there are also 60 million songs to stream, so it won't get boring that easily.

costs offer
Price: free / from 9.99 euros per month Songs: over 60 million

Quality: 256 kbit / s

Platform: iOS, Android and more

5. Amazon Music: For Prime members

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is aimed primarily at Prime members. Image: © Amazon 2020

Amazon Music is especially useful for Prime members. They get the basic package with around 2 million songs as part of their membership at no additional cost. For the complete Music Unlimited package, they pay 7.99 euros less than non-members. For a further surcharge, Amazon even offers Hi-Res streaming with up to 850 kbit / s.

costs offer
Price: Prime membership / for Music Unlimited an additional 7.99 euros Songs: over 2 million / 40 million

Quality: 320 kbit / s / Amazon Music HD with 850 kbit / s

Platform : iOS, Android and more

6. Soundcloud: For newcomers

Sloundcloud logo

At Soundcloud you can discover music outside the mainstream. Image: © Soundcloud 2020

At Soundcloud you will mainly find musicians who have not yet landed a contract with a major label, but who still produce pretty good music. There is a gigantic selection of tracks, remixes and podcasts and users even have the opportunity to interact with the artists personally. For even more tracks and the option to download songs for offline playback, there is also a paid subscription model with Soundcloud Go.

costs offer
Price: free / 5.99 euros per month Songs: over 150 million

Quality: 256 kbit / s

Platform: iOS, Android and more

7. Bandcamp: Music directly from the artists

Band camp

Bandcamp enables artists to sell themselves. Image: © Bandcamp 2020

Bandcamp offers musicians and bands the opportunity to sell their music directly. They can sell their music at self-determined prices. A portion of the money raised goes to the platform itself. Songs and albums are often not only offered for streaming, but also for download – sometimes even in high-resolution FLAC format.

costs offer
Price: depending on the artist Songs: over 100 million

Quality: variable

Platform: iOS, Android and more

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