Xiaomi's shares soar again marking their all-time high

Xiaomi's shares soar again marking their all-time high

Once again, the increase in the value of Xiaomi shares is in the news again. And it is that, although a few weeks ago we saw a great rise in its value , today they have shot up again, marking another all-time high .

After crowning up to 26HKD (€ 2.77) last October, the current value of Xiaomi's shares stands at almost 28HKD (€ 2.98), practically triple the value of what we saw at the beginning of 2019 where their value it was on the floor.

Throughout the early morning, the big rise placed Xiaomi Corp in the stock market at a price of 28.8HKD (€ 3.07), thus marking its highest historical value since its IPO a few years ago.

Las acciones de Xiaomi se vuelven a disparar marcando su máximo histórico. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Current graph of the value of Xiaomi shares.

A great climb that will continue

According to experts, we are only at the tip of the iceberg of what is expected for the next few years. His rapid rise in Europe and his continuing battle to reach the number one spot will see the shares rise even further throughout 2021.

In addition, other market analyzes such as the one carried out by Forbes, place Xiaomi as one of the most dominant technology companies in the market and with the greatest vision of the future . It is clear that Xiaomi things are going very well and in the coming years they will too.

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