Create Outlook distribution list: This is how it works

Create Outlook distribution list: This is how it works

Creating an Outlook distribution list is not difficult. We'll show you how to set up a distribution list for emails in just a few steps.

If you have to regularly send e-mails to a large group of people, it makes sense to create a distribution list. In Outlook, the option is hidden under the name "Contact Group". In the following we explain how you can create and manage such a group.

Outlook-create contact-group

Start the Outlook app and click on the symbol for " People " in the navigation bar at the bottom left.

Outlook people

Click the People icon. Image: © Microsoft / Screenshot: 2020

Then click on " Start " in the top navigation bar and then use the small arrow symbol to open the menu next to the " New Contact " entry.

Outlook contacts

The arrow symbol opens the menu for creating new contacts and contact groups. Image: © Microsoft / Screenshot: 2020

Now select the " Contact group " option to create a new contact group.


A new distribution list is created using the "Contact group" option. Image: © Microsoft / Screenshot: 2020

A window for creating a new contact group will now open. You can specify the name of the contact group in the "Name" field and use the " Add members " button to add contacts from your contact list or via email address. You can then save it by clicking on the floppy disk symbol at the top left.

Outlook contact group

Give the contact group a name and for members. Image: © Microsoft / Screenshot: 2020

The contact group will then be displayed in Outlook in the " People " area. By double-clicking on the name you can edit them later, add new members or remove old ones.


  • In Outlook, distribution lists are referred to as contact groups.
  • New contact groups can be created in the " People " area under " Start> New Contact> Contact Group ".
  • Contact groups are displayed in the " People " area after their creation and can be edited later by double-clicking on the name.

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