Cleaning iPhone speakers: You have to pay attention to this

Cleaning iPhone speakers: You have to pay attention to this

Do you have problems with the sound quality when listening to music or making calls with your Apple smartphone? Then you should clean the iPhone speaker. We explain how you do it.

Often the reason for poor sound quality on the iPhone is a dirty speaker. Dust, skin particles, and other debris clog the speaker grill and affect the sound coming out of the iPhone. If no sound can be heard at all, a dirty speaker is rarely the cause. Then there is usually a problem with the software.

Even if the audio quality is good, regular cleaning is recommended – this will prevent excessive dirt from accumulating on the speakers in the first place.

Cleaning iPhone speakers: Here's how

To clean the speakers, you can do the following:

  1. Take a soft toothbrush, cotton swab, brush or special brush for technical devices (e.g. from the manufacturer Tech Spray). Carefully brush the earpiece above the display and the speaker on the lower edge of the housing.
  2. If necessary, blow over the iPhone speaker with a compressed air cleaner. However, do not blow air directly into the speakers!
  3. Larger dirt particles in the lower speaker grille can be carefully removed with a toothpick. Do not pierce the speakers!
  4. Alternative 1 – use painter's tape: tear off a small piece of adhesive tape and shape it into a roll the size of your index finger (adhesive side out). Then place the roll of tape over your index finger and press it onto the iPhone speaker. The dirt should stick to the painter's tape.
  5. Alternative 2 – use type cleaner: form modeling clay, press on the speakers and then peel off again. Remove any residues of the type cleaner by pressing the modeling clay again.
  6. Do a sound test to see if the sound has improved.
  7. If there is no improvement, you should contact Apple support or an Apple service provider. Do not try to open the iPhone yourself to look for dirt inside! A guarantee claim can be lost.
iPhone 12

You should also clean the speaker at the top of the display. Image:


  • Use a toothbrush, cotton swab, paint brush or special brush for technical devices to clean the iPhone speakers.
  • Use compressed air cleaner only very carefully.
  • Remove larger dirt particles with a toothpick. Do not prick the speaker.
  • Alternatively, remove dirt with painter's tape or type cleaner.
  • Do not open the iPhone by yourself. There is a risk that the guarantee claim will expire.

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