"Borderlands 3": is crossplay possible between PS4, PS5, Xbox & PC?

"Borderlands 3": is crossplay possible between PS4, PS5, Xbox & PC?

"Borderlands 3" is hugely popular as a multiplayer shooter. Since the release, many players who want to play with friends on other systems have wanted crossplay between PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox. At the moment the feature is still narrowly defined – but there is hope.

We'll have to wait even longer for real crossplay, which lets players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC play together. However, developer and publisher Gearbox has firmly promised that the feature will come into play.

Crossplay for "Borderlands 3" is in the works

In the year 2021 Gearbox wants to deliver comprehensive crossplay for "Borderlands 3" via update – so the current status. Until then there is at least something like "Crossplay Light":

  • PS4 players can play the shooter together with other players on the PlayStation 5.
  • Xbox One owners easily interact with exterminators on Xbox Series X / S.
  • Who owns "Borderlands 3" for the PC on Steam, can also play with people who bought the game in the Epic Games Store. To do this, you have to use the SHiFT system in the game to create an account and add friends there. You can find all information about this on the "Borderlands" website.

If "Borderlands 3" is completely crossplay capable, the walls between Xbox and Playstation will also fall. Then the game simply runs across all platforms. Saved states are probably also managed via the SHiFT system that is currently used on the PC.


  • "Borderlands 3" does not currently support crossplay between PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox.
  • The feature will be delivered in 2021.
  • Crossplay is already possible within the same console ecosystem (PlayStation or Xbox). On PC, Steam players play together with users of the Epic Games Store.

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