You will be surprised how much it costs to buy all Xiaomi home products

You will be surprised how much it costs to buy all Xiaomi home products

Beyond its smartphones, Xiaomi has a wide variety of products for the smart home . We are not only talking about what we can buy in Europe, but about the infinity of gadgets and all kinds of smart products that Xiaomi sells in China .

Almost every day we meet a new lamp , heater , smart lock , oven or plug , not to mention other larger household products such as Xiaomi refrigerators , their washing machines or even their various air conditioners .

So much is the variety that @Doutin, a Chinese inhabitant, has been in a Xiaomi Mi Store willing to buy everything . In itself, you have bought all Xiaomi products for the home, also compatible with Xiaomi Home or Mi Home .

How much does it cost to buy all Xiaomi home products?

As a result, and after printing a ticket over a meter in length , buying all Xiaomi products is a huge outlay. Without going any further, the final purchase was 690,000 yuan, about 87,690 euros at the exchange rate ($ 104,911), almost nothing …

Te sorprenderá saber cuanto cuesta comprar todos los productos Xiaomi para el hogar. Noticias Xiaomi Adictos

Ticket with the purchase of all Xiaomi products for the home.

This, taking into account how economical the firm's products are, makes us see how wide and varied Xiaomi's AIoT platform is . Let's not forget that this is positioned as the largest and most active in practically the whole world, with millions of connected products.

Without a doubt, in addition to its smartphones, Xiaomi has been gaining its fame thanks to its gadgets and smart products with a great quality / price ratio . Without a doubt, the firm has done a great job offering us the wonders of technology at a fair price.

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