"World of Warcraft: Shadowlands": The right pact for your class

"World of Warcraft: Shadowlands": The right pact for your class

With the add-on "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands" pacts are introduced for the first time. As soon as you have reached level 60 with your character, you have to make a decision: Who do you want to ally yourself with and experience even more adventures? We'll tell you which package is best for your class and skill level.

First of all: choose your pact wisely! You can change your allies later if necessary, but that is not welcome among those involved. Before you start a pact campaign, you should find out exactly what awaits you where and what advantages await you.

What's the point of a pact?

Word of Warcraft Shadowlands_Ardenwald

Which side are you on? Image: © Blizzard Entertainment 2020

The further you advance in the pact campaign, the higher your reputation with the allies increases. This gives you various bonuses – such as legendary recipes for the runic mason in Torgast, unique cosmetic pact items (such as mounts, pets or titles) and increased item levels for items that you receive via the world quests. There are two quests waiting for you per week that you can take on in the sanctum.

The sanctum is the center of every pact, which you can expand as your reputation rises – and unlock more features. In each sanctum you will find:

  • Transport network: Depending on the level of expansion, travel faster to specific locations that are relevant to your pact.
  • Soul bonds: Each pact has three key members. Form a soul bond with one of them to benefit from their bonuses and defeat opponents.
  • Animal leaders: Each sanctum has several animal leaders where you can spend anima (a new currency that is particularly relevant in the endgame). In this way you can unlock further quests, buy reinforcements for your armor or fight against champions.
  • Adventure: Send allies to the Shadowlands and face challenges. Tactical skills are required here.

Each pact also has so-called signature and class capabilities. All who join the respective pact receive the signature ability. Class skills, as the name suggests, are class specific. You can find more information on this under the respective paragraphs on the pact groups.


Which class with which specialization should choose which pact is a recommendation on our part. It corresponds to the way of playing in dungeon or raid groups. Those who prefer PvP or mythical runs should possibly make a different pact. Further information can be found directly at World of Warcraft .

The Kyrian Pact

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Bastion

Bright, friendly, clean, … Image: © Blizzard Entertainment 2020

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Bastion

Somewhat reminiscent of the world of the draenei. Image: © Blizzard Entertainment 2020

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Bastion
World of Warcraft Shadowlands Bastion

When you get your character to level 60, five new areas are available to you. One of them is the Bastion, the home of the Kyrians. Once you have decided to choose them as an ally, begin the pact campaign. The Kyrians give you access to their sanctum, the Elysian Keep.

The Kyrians are suitable for the following classes (in a raid):

  • Warrior (weapons / protection)
  • Hunter (marksmanship)
  • Priest (shadow)
  • Warlock (Affliction / Destruction)
  • Paladin (Holy)
  • Druid (balance / ferocity / guardian)
  • Monk (Brewmaster / Mistweaver)
  • Demon hunter (vengeance)
  • Death Knight (Frost / Blood)

If you join the Kyrians, you will receive the signature ability "Summon Provost". You also have to choose one of the key members. When choosing your soul bond, keep in mind that the signature ability has an impact on the skills of the key characters.

Summon Provost Signature Ability : Summon a Provost who will bring you a Vial of Equanimity. When you drink this, part of your health is restored and all curse, disease, poison and bleeding effects are removed.
The Provost also offers a selection of useful amenities once a day (via World of Warcraft ).

The three key members of the bastion are

  • Pelagos: The cooldown of non-vial-related services of the Provost is reduced ("bond of friendship") and increased mastery when using the Kyrian-specific class ability ("combat meditation").
  • Kleia: Vial of Equanimity makes you immune to certain effects ("Ascendant Vial") and every critical hit stacks "Brave Strikes". When the maximum is reached, allies are healed.
  • The first blacksmith Mikanikos: Vial of equanimity pushes opponents away ("Charged Addition") and when enough spells have been cast, Bron can appear to assist in the fight ("Bron's call to action").

The pact of the necrolords

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Maldraxxus

The complete opposite of the bastion. Image: © Blizzard Entertainment 2020

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Maldraxxus

You shouldn't be afraid of spiders and other vermin. Image: © Blizzard Entertainment 2020

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Maldraxxus
World of Warcraft Shadowlands Maldraxxus

The Sanctum of the Necrolords is the seat of the Primus in Maldraxxus.

The Nekrolords are suitable for the following classes (in a raid):

  • Priest (holy / shadow)
  • Warlock (Demonology)
  • Druid (guardian)
  • Shaman (Elemental / Restoration)
  • Monk (brewmaster)
  • Death Knight (Unholy)

Signature Skill "Meat Shaping" : Creates a shield of flesh and bones that prevents damage equal to a fraction of your maximum health. If you stand next to the corpse of a defeated enemy while casting this ability, you will receive a larger shield (via World of Warcraft ).

The following three characters are available to Dirh as a soul bond:

  • Plague Finder Marileth: Increased movement speed after standing still ("Traveling with Bluup") and immunity to loss of control effects through the signature ability "Meat Forming" ("Ultimate Shape").
  • Emeni, the killer daughter: Stackable effects that have a positive effect on the gameplay when activating "Meat Shaping" ("Emeni's excellent skin" and "Runic mode").
  • Bonesmith Heirmir: Killing enemies reduces the cooldown of "Meat Shaping " ("Inventive Meat Shaping"), and there is also the option to continue fighting for a few seconds after death ("Blacksmith-born dreams").

The Night Fae Pact

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Ardenwald

Night elves should feel at home in the Ardenwald. Image: © Blizzard Entertainment 2020

If you ally yourself with the night fae in the Ardenwald, your sanctum becomes the heart of the forest .

The night fae are suitable for the following classes (in a raid):

  • Hunter (all three skills)
  • Mage (arcane / fire)
  • Rogue (all three perks)
  • Warlock (Affliction / Demonology)
  • Druid (balance / ferocity / restoration)
  • Monk (wind runner)
  • Death Knight (Frost)

Signature Ability " Soul Shape ": Assume the shape of a fox with increased movement speed. You can reactivate Soul Shape to teleport forward a short distance. You can also unlock and collect additional cosmetic characters in different game situations. In the game world, this effect ends after a short time. In rest areas it is unlimited in time (via World of Warcraft ).

You will also find three key members among the forest people who give you special skills.

  • Niya: At standstill after "soul form" you are invisible until you move ("Sylvarmantel"). When you use your night fair-specific class skills, your mastery value increases for a while ("grooming").
  • Dreamweaver: When "soul form" ends, the movement speed of your allies increases ("flower field"). Should you be fatally hit, you encapsulate yourself and regenerate health ("capsule maintenance").
  • Korayn: If you are out of combat, "Soul Form" becomes an assault that stuns the target ("Onslaught of the Wild Hunt"). In addition, your damage or your healing increases if you attack a target with little health ("Last Moments").

The Venthyr Pact

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Revendreth

Revendreth doesn't look really inviting. Good, except for Hordler. They don't know any other way. Image: © Blizzard Entertainment 2020

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Revendreth

"Hey, you can't get in here!" Image: © Blizzard Entertainment 2020

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Revendreth
World of Warcraft Shadowlands Revendreth

Home Sweet Home – that would be in the Venthyr sin fall. This is what their sanctum is called in the middle of Revendreth.

The Venthyr are suitable for the following classes (in a raid):

  • Warrior (weapons / fury)
  • Mage (Frost)
  • Priest (discipline)
  • Paladin (Protection / Retribution)
  • Shaman (reinforcement / restoration)
  • Demon hunter (devastation)

Signature ability "Shadow Gate ": You enter the world of shadows and reappear at your destination (via World of Warcraft ).

For the soul bond you can choose between the following characters and their abilities:

  • Nadjia Nebelklinge: "Shadow Gate " disorientates opponents ("Agent of Chaos"). In combat you will receive stacks of "Adventurous". If the maximum is reached, it is used up and you get into battle euphoria, which increases the attack speed.
  • General Draven: "Shadow Gate" grants a shield for eight seconds ("Enduring Darkness"). Venthyr-specific class skills give you and your allies versatility ("call to action").
  • Theotar, the mad duke: "Shadow Gate" frees you from slowing down and immobilization effects (keep an eye on your shoes! "). Spells increase the chance that Tubbins and Gubbins appear with a parasol (" Soothing shade "). Stand in their shadow , you get championship,

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