Night light in the nursery: 5 cute shapes for little dreamers

Night light in the nursery: 5 cute shapes for little dreamers

Many children are afraid of the dark. Some then don't want to sleep in their children's room at all, but prefer to stay with mom and dad. Night lights can help here. They provide a pleasantly dimmed light and also soothe children with their cute shapes – maybe even the little ones' favorite animal is watching over their sleep.

If your child is afraid of the dark, this is absolutely normal. Many children go through this phase and have difficulty sleeping alone in their room. To make their night's sleep easier and to take away fears, there are special night lights in cute shapes of animals, plants or mythical creatures such as unicorns. They not only provide pleasantly dimmed light that does not impair sleep, but also give children a feeling of security and security.

Heaven on earth: night light with a starry sky

Children's night light as a plush toy with a starry sky

The small and soft turtle by Jamara throws countless colorful stars onto the ceiling. Image: © Jamara 2020

A starry sky is both calming and fascinating for children of all ages. The lights for the children's room are usually brightly colored and do not project a real-looking sky onto the ceiling like a starlight projector would. The colored lights look more like cute cartoon drawings.

It gets particularly cute when the night light disguises itself as a plush toy, such as the Jamara Kids starlight in the form of a turtle. The light projector is hidden in the shell of the toad and is so optically invisible.

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Magic in the nursery: night light with unicorn

For little princesses and princes of their dreams, there is nothing better than a soft night light with a unicorn, right? Such a sweet children's light with a soft, dimmed and very orange light helps your little darling to fall asleep calmly and not feel fear when waking up at night. The familiar and sweet shape makes your child think of beautiful stories of unicorns and dream castles.

You can place the light directly on or on your child's bed, perhaps nicely draped between pillows. Then your child will have the feeling of being protected by a fabulous unicorn while they sleep.

Strong support: night light with elephants

Elephants are one of the favorite animals of many children. Why not – after all, the pachyderms have very close social ties and protect their smallest herd members with all their might. Children usually learn that in their children's books. The mighty animals still exude a lot of calm, comfort and gentleness. Perfect to keep your child safe while they sleep.

You can place a night light in the shape of an elephant as a small figure on the bedside table or attach it to the headboard of the cot. Larger lights can move on the bed, between the pillows and plush toys and thus create a safe place to cuddle your child.

Not just for Easter: night light in the shape of a rabbit

Bunnies are very popular with children: the cute little animals are fluffy and speak to little people with their cute faces. They are a popular motif in cartoons and are a natural part of children's life. If you don't want to get your little darling a real rabbit, you can create a good mood with a cute night light.

Most of the rabbits have a typically cute cartoon face and are reminiscent of an Easter bunny from children's books. The familiar figure can calm your child and gently rock them back to sleep even after bad dreams.

For little sailors: an anchor as a children's light

Your family has a passion for the sea and your children are already little water rats? Then an anchor as a children's light fits perfectly in your children's room. The anchor is particularly good between cute cuddly toys from the underwater world. Add a couple of pillows in a nautical look – and the bed for little sailors is ready.

The anchor as a night light can also serve as a "safe haven" for your child if they wake up at night and feel uncomfortable in the dark.

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