Problems begin for POCOPHONE F1 after updating to MIUI 12

Problems begin for POCOPHONE F1 after updating to MIUI 12

A few days ago MIUI 12 Global made its free debut for all POCOPHONE F1 , a most anticipated update, which, as has happened with other devices, has filled this device with errors and problems that is still very present among the community.

Apparently, MIUI 12 continues to give headaches and this time it does so for users of the POCO F1 or POCOPHONE F1 who have seen an overheating message continually appear on their devices limiting the use of certain basic functions.

With the arrival of MIUI, this message of device overheating appears continuously, especially when making video recordings , causing the mobile network, WiFi, GPS and the camera to be totally disabled for a while.

The problems begin for the POCOPHONE F1 after updating to MIUI 12. Xiaomi News Addicts

Overheating message on POCOPHONE F1.

Also, some users complain that the system interface works really bad after updating their POCOPHONE F1 to MIUI 12. As they claim, sometimes the system wallpaper disappears or even the gestures stop working.

To all this are added certain errors related to the keyboard, with the size of the system font and also with the animations being somewhat slow in relation to how they should flow in a terminal equipped with such a powerful processor.

In short, one more sample of the bad work that Xiaomi is doing with MIUI, focusing on launching countless new smartphones and leaving aside good support and software development. Hopefully all these problems that not only affect the POCOPHONE F1 but also other devices will be resolved shortly.

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