MIUI 12.1 Global reaches the first Xiaomi: these are all the news that we will find

MIUI 12.1 Global reaches the first Xiaomi: these are all the news that we will find

Finally and after appearing in the Chinese ROM, MIUI 12.1 has begun to reach the first Xiaomi devices through the Global ROM , a first approach to a large number of news that we have yet to see and that we will go on to review below.

In detail, the first device to receive MIUI 12.1 Global has been the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro , thereby incorporating certain new features that we had already seen leaked through the MIUI developer version for the Chinese ROM.

In itself, at the moment it is a beta version , that is, the famous "public beta" of MIUI that usually reaches certain users in advance. That is why it is not even available to everyone yet, much less brings all those news that MIUI 12.1 promises

Download MIUI 12.1 Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (Beta)

Among the most prominent features of MIUI 12.1 we find the following features that we still have to see throughout the next updates:

  • Support for LHDC V3.
  • New options for the Control Center.
  • Measurement of blood pressure through the chamber.
  • Game Tuner: configurator of the GPU parameters of certain processors.
  • New Super Wallpapers and certain improvements for them.
  • New security options and removal of metadata in photos.
  • New loading animations for the lock screen.
  • New animation for screen rotation.
  • New filters for MIUI camera and gallery.
  • Integration of My Home in the Control Center.
  • Game Turbo mode improvements.
  • I move safe keyboard.
  • New designs for Always on Display mode.
  • Improvements in Dark Mode 2.0.
  • New design of the Weather application.

As we can see, the news is really interesting and numerous , bringing with it all those leaks that we have been seeing through the Chinese ROM of MIUI 12.1.

As we said at the moment it is only available for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro although it would be expected that the rest of the devices will receive this update shortly .

Via | XiaomiToday

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