Xiaomi reinvents MIUI camera watermarks with new formats

Xiaomi reinvents MIUI camera watermarks with new formats

Probably the watermark of the MIUI camera application is one of those characteristics that the vast majority usually deactivate as soon as they buy a new Xiaomi. Well, this could change with the new idea that Xiaomi has in mind and that it has already begun to test in the internal beta of MIUI 12.

In detail, as we are told by the directive of Xiaomi's camera department, the firm has been testing a new way of introducing watermarks in our photographs, reinventing any idea and concept we had of these to date.

As we can see below, this new option will allow us to filter and from the camera application itself apply various types of watermarks in relation to the location where we are.

In addition, these new watermarks are available in a multitude of different designs , allowing us to add the exact location thanks to the use in combination with the GPS of our smartphone. Likewise, we can also visualize the exact day in a quite striking design , giving a different touch to our snapshots.

As we said, this new functionality is only found at the moment in the closed beta of MIUI 12 for its Chinese ROM . That is why we are still far from seeing its arrival in the Global version for which weeks or even months will have to pass.

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