Xiaomi presents Game Tuner: configuring the graph of our mobile is already possible

Xiaomi presents Game Tuner: configuring the graph of our mobile is already possible

For some time we have been talking to you about what today has been presented by Xiaomi as Game Tuner . Specifically, it is a new functionality developed together with Qualcomm that allows us to configure the internal graphics of our mobile device in great detail .

To date, we could only configure certain basic parameters of our smartphone for its graphics performance in games. This changes with the arrival of Game Tuner since we can even adjust the Anti-aliasing levels or limit the amount of fps in vertical synchronization mode.

In detail, this new tool launched by Xiaomi a priori is only available for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra although it will shortly be launched for all its terminals equipped with the Snapdragon 865 . Among its settings we will find the following:

  • Fps Limiting : Adjust the number of frames per second displayed in vertical sync mode.
  • Resolution : this setting will allow us to configure the resolution to use, either 720P or the maximum resolution supported by the device.
  • Anti-aliasing adjustment: allows you to adjust and smooth the corners known as "saw teeth", achieving more rounded graphics without pixelation.
Xiaomi presents Game Tuner: configuring the graphics of our mobile is already possible. News Xiaomi Addicts

Different levels of Anti-aliasing.

  • Anisotropic filter : reduces errors in textures, avoiding possible dizziness in sharp turns.
  • Texture filter : allows you to adjust the quality of the graphics and their smoothness, regardless of what we configure in each game separately and what each of these allows us.

Game Tuner is integrated into Xiaomi's own Game Turbo , allowing you to create different profiles for each specific game or application. In addition, it allows you to set automatic adjustments divided into standard mode , energy saving , balanced or high quality .

As we said, this functionality is only available to date in the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, although it is most likely that we will soon see it in the Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, POCO F2 Pro and the future Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro .

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