As small as this new power bank may seem, it has 10,000mAh

As small as this new power bank may seem, it has 10,000mAh

After acquiring almost 50% from Xiaomi, ZMI (Zimi) has not stopped launching new and interesting proposals aimed at autonomy. On this occasion, the Asian firm surprises us with a small power bank that still has 10,000mAh .

In detail, we are facing a power bank whose main characteristic is its small size. With dimensions less significant than those of a smartphone , this new gadget does not forget any detail along the way: USB Type C ports, USB Type A and fast charging system.

In itself, ZMI has pulled out of its sleeve a really interesting power bank that adds 2xUSB A , 1x USB C , 1x microUSB and a total capacity of 10,000mAh that will allow us, in most cases, to charge our smartphone more than once .

As small as it may seem, this new power bank has 10,000mAh. News Xiaomi Addicts

In addition, its USB Type C port is capable of delivering a fast charge of up to 45W , reducing power to 27W in the case of its two USB Type A ports. Likewise, its USB C port is bi-directional so it also allows us charge your own power bank.

Of course, we are facing a power bank full of security protections in order to prevent any electrical failure that could damage the connected devices. It also has an intelligent charging system so it will adapt to the necessary charging potential of each device.

Price and availability

The price of this new power bank from ZMI and half from Xiaomi is 89 yuan, about 11 euros to change. At the moment it will only be sold in China although we will most likely see it soon on AliExpress.

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