"Last of Us 2": "The big win" combination for the safe can be found

"Last of Us 2": "The big win" combination for the safe can be found

While Abby flees through Seattle with Manny and Mel in "The Last of Us Part 2", she finds a fat safe. A note lets you know that the combination for the safe is "the big win". But where is the crucial clue and what is the code with which you can get to the contents of the safe? We help.

The combination for this safe in "The Last of Us Part 2" corresponds to the number of a lottery ticket hanging on a pin board. Do you want to continue playing quickly and just know the code? No problem! It reads: 17-38-07 . The most interesting part of the vault is a new weapon, the hunting pistol. In the following we also explain how you can find the combination in the game yourself.

"The big win": where is the safe combination?

At one point on her first day in Seattle, Abby passes a massive construction trailer that she can enter through a window in the back. Inside there is the "WLF weapon storage note" on a filing cabinet with a reference to the big win. Next to it, on the wall between the two windows, there is a pin board. The lottery ticket with the heading "Terra Lotto" is attached to it, the safe combination is circled in red.

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Where exactly is the safe for the lottery number?

You will find the safe opposite in a house whose door is locked. However, there is a hole in the side of the building that Abby can squeeze into. The rust-brown safe is against a wall between some blue barrels and old cardboard boxes. Enter the code 17-38-07 and the door will open easily.


  1. The combination of a safe in "The Last of Us Part 2" is said to be a big win, according to the "WLF Arms Storage Note".
  2. This means a lottery number, the winning ticket can be found near the note on a pin board.
  3. The safe is located in the building next to the site trailer. You enter through a hole in a side wall.
  4. In the safe you will find a new weapon, the hunting pistol.

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