Netflix: From now on there is no longer a free trial month in Germany

Netflix: From now on there is no longer a free trial month in Germany

So far, interested parties have been able to test the Netflix streaming service for 30 days free of charge before deciding for or against one of the paid subscriptions. Not anymore.

Streaming provider Netflix has canceled its free trial month with immediate effect and without replacement. Not in all countries, however. While a look at the streamer's home page no longer provides potential new customers in this country with an indication of a free trial period, those interested in other countries can still look forward to the free trial phase.

Disney + as a role model? Netflix is canceling free trial

The Netflix FAQ section has also been updated. There it is now said that there is no longer a free trial month in Germany. The button "Try 30 days for free" is currently still available at the top of the page, but clicking on it only leads to the selection of a paid subscription.

With the abolition of the free trial month, Netflix is following the example of streaming competitor Disney +. The free trial week originally offered by the mouse company's streaming service was no longer available in mid-June 2020 – unlike Netflix, however, worldwide.

That costs a Netflix subscription

If you want to see the Netflix offer, you have to take out a paid subscription immediately. This currently costs 7.99 euros (basic subscription), 11.99 euros (standard subscription) or 15.99 euros (premium subscription) per month. However, there is one consolation for users: The various subscriptions can still be canceled on a monthly basis. If the selection of the streamer does not convince you, you can end the subscription quickly without digging too deep into your pocket.

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