In these 9 cat films, the four-legged friends are the stars

In these 9 cat films, the four-legged friends are the stars

A film with a cat can be found quickly, but in very few screen adventures the intelligent pet is actually the focus. Not anymore! These nine cat films show the strengths of the fluffy house tiger – and make not only cat fans purr.

"Garfield" (2004)

As a comic and cartoon character, the fat and sarcastic cat Garfield has been cult for almost 40 years. In 2004, the voracious pet with a penchant for lasagna made the leap to the big screen. In "Garfield – The Film" the cat's life becomes unrest. When his master adopts the dog Odie, Garfield wants to get rid of the simple-minded mutt as soon as possible. When his new companion is kidnapped, however, he pulls himself up to his rescue.

Meow factor: 5/10

"Aristocats" (1970)

It is not only cat owners who sometimes get the thought that their house tiger can often behave like an aristocrat off the fence. The cat Duchesse and her offspring Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz live in true luxury in the classic cartoon "Aristocats" until they are kidnapped and abandoned by the scheming butler. He's after the inheritance of her mistress. When the cat family tries to get back to Paris, they meet the street cat Thomas O'Malley – and enjoy the simple life.

Meow factor: 8/10

"The Kingdom of Cats" (2002)

Even the now almost legendary Studio Ghibli contributed a cat film to our list. The focus of the anime film is the schoolgirl Haru, who saves a hangover from being run over by a truck on her way home. The grateful four-legged friend turns out to be the son of the king of cats, and the latter is soon planning the marriage of the unequal couple. Now only the living cat doll called "Baron" can help her.

Meow factor: 6/10

"Cemetery of the Stuffed Animals" (2019)

The Stephen King film "Cemetery of the Stuffed Animals" proves that cats can cut a good figure in horror films. Hangover Church is doing well with the Creed family. But after moving to a small town in Maine, he is run over and dies. How convenient that there is an Indian resting place behind the family home. Father Louis buries the animal there on the advice of his neighbor. And Church returns from the dead …

Sad: Cat Leo, who played the undead version of Church, is different just two months after it opened in theaters.

Meow factor: 1/10

"Cats & Dogs – The Revenge of Kitty Kahlohr" (2010)

The relationship between dogs and cats has traditionally been fraught with conflict. But that the two races are actually waging a bitter war against each other, mankind only became aware of "Cats & Dogs " and its sequel "Cats & Dogs". Suffice it to say: The house cats don't show their best side in the action comedy. But that is precisely why the films are all the more entertaining.

Meow factor: 3/10

"Bob the Stray" (2016)

The real stories are often the best. "Bob the Stray" is about how drug addict street musician James (Luke Treadaway) meets injured tomcat Bob. Although he can hardly make ends meet, James takes care of Bob and wants to release him back into the wild. But the loyal animal stays with James and helps him to get rid of his addiction. The film is based on the book of the same name by the British writer James Bowen.

Meow factor: 7/10

"Felidae" (1994)

Films with cats are often children's entertainment, but the cartoon "Felidae" breaks with this pattern. The film adaptation of Akif Pirinçci's detective novel of the same name, in which the cat Francis acts as a detective, has a dark plot. The newly arrived tomcat finds repeatedly murdered cats in his territory and decides to investigate with the old tomcat Bluebeard. However, that puts his life in danger …

Meow factor: 5/10

"Puss in Boots" (2011)

As cute as donkeys and the eternally ill-tempered Shrek are, one of them has almost stolen the show since "Shrek 2 – The daredevil hero returns": Puss in Boots. So it is not surprising that the cute Latin boy was given a film of his own. It was still nice to watch here, but unfortunately the animated film is aimed at a significantly younger audience than the Shrek Adventures.

Meow factor: 6/10

"KEDI – Of Cats and Humans" (2017)

In Istanbul, the numerous street cats are part of city life. The Turkish director Ceyda Torun dedicates a documentary film " KEDI – Von Katzen und Menschen" to them and follows seven four-legged residents with different characters through the historic city – through alleys, on roofs and over markets.

Meow factor: 9/10

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