"Grounded" tips: kill spiders – this is how you can defeat the beasts

"Grounded" tips: kill spiders – this is how you can defeat the beasts

Spiders are your worst nightmare in "Grounded". A lot of preparation is necessary so that you have a chance to kill the eight-legged friends. You can read tips and tricks for the fight against the aggressive fiends here.

A huge chunk of life energy, far too many legs and enough strength to defeat you with an attack – spiders are not cuddly toys in "Grounded". If you want to achieve something in the survival game, you need a strategy against the beasts. Ideally, this consists of one thing: keep your distance.

Preparation: build a bow and arrow

In close combat you have little chance against spiders. So first build a bow and plenty of arrows. You unlock the recipe for the simplest bow ("Sprig Bow") by killing a mosquito ("Gnat") and collecting its remains ("Gnat Fuzz"). This will automatically unlock the blueprint. Now you can build the bow in the craft menu from the following raw materials:

  • 3 x sprig
  • 4 x Gnat Fuzz
  • 2 x woven fiber


You can get the recipe for woven fiber by researching Plant Fiber in the analysis tent. Then you create a unit of woven fiber from 3 x plant fiber.


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In "Grounded" there should always be a taut bow between you and a spider.

Now you need arrows. Collect the red fur from mites ("Mite Fuzz") or needles ("Thistle Needle") from a thistle (e.g. south of the Mysterious Machine) and analyze one of the resources in the analysis tent. Now you get the instructions for simple arrows that you craft from the following resources:

  • 2 x Mite Fuzz
  • 5 x Thistle Needle

Do you have the bow and plenty of arrows? Then go on a spider hunt!

Survival tip for arachnophobes

Spiders cause panic and discomfort in you? "Grounded" has a solution! In the game's options, you can use a slider to set how "spider-like" the critters should look. Instead of fighting nasty eight-legged friends, you only fight cute blobs with googly eyes at the highest level. But be careful: They look less bad, but are still dangerous – the setting only changes the appearance of the spiders.

Defeating Spiders: Tips & Tricks

Spiders are strong, but not the brightest. No, not quite right: It is not the spiders, rather the artificial intelligence in "Grounded" is not too smart. That's why you can easily lure and trick beetles of all kinds and spiders in order to defeat them safely – at least in the current early-access version of the game (as of August 2020).

The following strategies are effective in the fight against spiders:

  • Head to a wolf spider's nest that looks like a small house made of acorn leaves. The spider lies in it temporarily and sleeps. Run around the house and shoot the animal at the back through gaps between the leaves. The spider will try to attack you, but will probably not have the idea of walking around the house through the front entrance. Therefore, you can easily kill them.
  • If a spider attacks you in the wild, look for an elevated point where the animal sees you but does not reach you. The spider often stops at the bottom and looks at you, but cannot attack you. Shoot her with arrows until she's dead.

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Spiders are relatively easy prey from elevated points.

  • If a spider surprises you and you have no chance of reaching high terrain, throw stones at it to interrupt its assault. Shoot arrows at them in between, but always look for higher points – with this strategy you can quickly make a fatal mistake.
  • If you want to set a trap for free-running spiders, try the following trick: Go to a beverage can and place a bait trap ("lure trap") near the entrance. Analyze a petal ("Flower Petal") for the trap recipe and then craft the trap from 4 x Sprig and 4 x Flower Petal. Is the trap? Then find a spider and draw its attention to you with an arrow. Run past the trap and into the can. The spider will deal with the bait, while you can shoot at it from the can. Sometimes, however, it loses interest in the bait and you have to attract it again.

  • It is much easier to kill spiders in collaboration with other players. A group member draws the spider's attention and goes to a high or sheltered place. The others attack with a bow and arrow.


  • In melee you have little chance against spiders in "Grounded". Build a bow and arrows and defeat the critters from a distance.
  • Ideally, shoot spiders from elevated points where they cannot reach you.
  • You can distract spiders with bait traps and then shoot them from under cover.
  • Stone throws protect you from the assaults of the animals.
  • In co-op, one player attracts the spider's attention while the others defeat it.

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