Intelligent burglary protection: 5 window sensors for more security

Intelligent burglary protection: 5 window sensors for more security

A burglar takes an average of less than 30 seconds to break into a house or apartment. According to the nationwide police crime statistics, the perpetrators in most cases enter through easily accessible windows and apartment or balcony doors. Modern security measures like the following five window sensors can help to protect your home.

Simple and effective: Abus FUMK35000A Smartvest opening detector

Abus offers a convenient solution: The Smartvest radio opening detector enables windows to be monitored using a smartphone app and can be attached without drilling or screwing. The material for the adhesive attachment is included. If the charge of the integrated CR2032 battery runs out, the user receives a message via the free Smartvest app. The only requirement: The window sensor is connected to the WLAN.

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The smart solution: 3-pack door and window sensors from Netatmo

The waterproof sensors from Netatmo are not only used for burglar protection on windows, they are also ideal for everyone who asks themselves every day: "Did I actually close all windows and the front door?" You can use the smartphone app at any time to check whether the doors and windows in your home are closed. In the event of an attempted break-in, the user is notified immediately: The sensors detect both strong vibrations and the opening of doors and windows. To do this, the smart gadgets, each powered by two AAA batteries, simply have to be glued to the window or door.

The catch: The Netatmo window sensors only work in conjunction with the associated indoor camera from Netatmo, which must be purchased separately.

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Window sensor meets Alexa: WiFi sensor from Hama

If you are looking for a window sensor with Alexa compatibility, Hama is the right place for you. The magnetic switch can be controlled via the Hama Smart Home app and integrated into the in-house WiFi network. From now on, you will be warned via push notification on your smartphone as soon as someone teases the door or window. In addition, as with the Netatmo device, the status of the windows (open or closed) can be viewed in the app at any time. Two AAA batteries supply the sensor with energy.

The highlight: the installation is flexible. The window sensor can be attached with an adhesive pad or with a screw attachment.

HAMA window sensor door sensor compatible with Alexa

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Window open or closed? The Hama window sensor registers every change.

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Well connected: door and window contact from Bosch Smart Home

First the bad news: Similar to the window sensor from Netatmo, the Bosch window contact only works in conjunction with the Bosch Smart Home Controller. The good news: If you own several networked Bosch Smart Home devices, you benefit from a sophisticated alarm system.

The sensor detects open doors and windows and reports them to the smart home system. If you attempt to tamper with the windows, he can also trigger the siren of the smoke alarm or automatically flash the integrated Philips Hue lights so that as much attention as possible is drawn to your home.

The Bosch sensors are not only used for burglary protection. They also send a signal to the Bosch thermostat as soon as a window is opened for ventilation. The smart thermostat then automatically regulates the temperature to save heating costs.

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Not to be missed: Abus FG300A alarm window handle

Burglars usually do everything they can to avoid attracting attention. A loud alarm can be enough to put the criminals to flight. The lockable window handle Abus FG300A has a 110 dBA loud sound function, which strikes when trying to break in. Thanks to the adjustable square pin, the handle can be used in any window. The simple window burglar protection with alarm is operated by two AAA batteries.

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