Where is my car? Find your parked vehicle using your smartphone

Where is my car? Find your parked vehicle using your smartphone

"Where is my car?" Are you also someone who constantly forgets where he parked his vehicle? We explain how the smartphone can help you find your car again.

With Google Maps

The easiest way is to mark the location of your parked car in Google Maps. All you have to do is open the app after parking and tap on your location (blue dot on the map). A window opens with several options. On the iPhone, select "Set as parking location". On Android, the function is called "Save as parking space". Then Google Maps shows in the map view with a purple icon and the note "You parked near" where the car is.

You can also change the parking lot location afterwards, share it with other people and even add notes or photos on Android. In the Google Maps settings, notifications on parking information such as location or duration can also be activated under "Notifications".

Parking in Google Maps

© Google Maps / Screenshot 2020

If you tap your location on Google Maps (blue dot), you can set it as a parking space.

Parking in Google Maps

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Then Google Maps shows the parking lot with a purple icon.

Parking in Google Maps
Parking in Google Maps

With Siri & CarPlay

Those who use Apple CarPlay and connect their iPhone to their car have it particularly easy. As soon as the Bluetooth connection between the vehicle and iPhone is lost, the location of the car is automatically marked with a pin in the map app on the smartphone. So the question "Where did I park?" be answered very easily.

To be able to use the feature, three requirements must be met:

  • The location services on the iPhone must be activated under "Settings> Privacy> Location services".
  • The "Important locations" function must be activated under "Settings> Privacy> Location services> System services> Important locations".
  • Under "Settings> Maps" you have to activate the item "Location of the parked car".

If the parked car is noted in the map app, you can use the application to navigate to your vehicle as usual. Of course, the location can also be edited or removed.

Apple cards parked car

© Apple 2020

Anyone who uses CarPlay can view the location of the car in the map app.

If you don't have a car with CarPlay compatibility, you have to tell the iPhone the location of the parking lot yourself. Start Siri and give the command "save parking space". If you want to find the parked car later, the voice command "Where did I park?" Is enough. off and Siri shows the location on the map.

With the Google Assistant

If you use the Google Assistant on your Android smartphone or iPhone, the location of the parked car can be saved by the AI. For this, the location determination must be activated on the smartphone. On the iPhone, this is done under "Settings> Privacy> Location Services". On Android, the option can be found under "Settings> Location".

Then you just have to activate the Google Assistant on your smartphone (start the app or press the Android button) and give the AI a voice command to save the parking space. Possible commands include:

  • "I parked here"
  • "Remember where I parked"
  • "I parked my car on level 2"
  • "I parked in the parking lot in the south"
  • "My parking lot is number F34".

If you want to find your car again later, you have to reactivate the Google Assistant and ask questions like "Where's my car?" or "Do you remember where I parked?" The AI then reproduces the saved parking space. If location determination is activated, it is also shown on a map.

By the way: AI now automatically saves the likely location of a parking space. For this, Google uses the location history, which of course must be switched on on the smartphone. Although this method is not as precise as an exact voice command, it still helps in an emergency.

Google Assistant iPhone

© Mockup / 2017

The Google Assistant can also help you find your car.

With third-party apps

If you don't want to use the services of Google or Apple when looking for your parked vehicle, you can also install one of countless third-party apps. For Android, for example, there is the popular app "Find your car parked: where is my car". For example, the free ParKing app is available for the iPhone, which is also available for Android. As an alternative, you can try out the AR app Car Finder.

With all these apps, however, you have to remember to manually enter the location of the parking lot.

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