The hunt has to wait: cinema release of "Monster Hunter" postponed

The hunt has to wait: cinema release of "Monster Hunter" postponed

For a while it looked as if nothing would stand in the way of the release of "Monster Hunter" in early September – until now. Now it is clear: We will no longer see the monstrous video game adaptation this year.

This is suggested by a look at the Sony Pictures cinema calendar (via IGN ). "Monster Hunter" will therefore no longer start as planned on September 4 in the USA – and thus on September 3 in Germany, but only on April 23, 2021. Sony has not given a reason, but it is obvious that it is the corona pandemic is over. Film studios like Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures have recently postponed several movie releases into the next year.

German cinema release a day earlier?

A German theatrical release has not yet been announced. However, there is a high probability that "Monster Hunter" in Germany will start on April 22, 2021.

This leaves fans of the games with enough time to immerse themselves in "Monster Hunter: World" again and to inspect the world. According to director Paul WS Anderson, the story in the film will be a new one, but connoisseurs of the games will recognize numerous details. The filmmaker has taken weapons, armor and monsters from the games.

Milla Jovovich loves the "Monster Hunter" games

Just a few days ago, a new photo from the film appeared that shows the main character Artemis (Milla Jovovich) with the double blades. As the actress explains in an interview, she herself is a big fan of the "Monster Hunter" games and an advocate of the weapon. With her she was able to kill most monsters.

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