Can the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 China be configured in Spanish? We tell you all the details

Can the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 China be configured in Spanish? We tell you all the details

In recent days, given the large number of offers that have been appearing about the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5, many of you have asked us if you can configure its Chinese version in Spanish . One of the most repeated questions in our Telegram group that I want to explain in detail today.

The new Xiaomi mi Band 5 has become one of the most coveted gadgets from Xiaomi . Not only for its attractive price, which in most cases does not exceed 26 euros , but for its improved screen, its magnetic charging system and its new features.

And it is that, although its appearance seems to have changed slightly, the reality is that its screen goes from 0.98 inches from the previous generation to 1.1 inches from the current Xiaomi Mi Band 5. It is joined by new sports modes and a system remote control of the camera of our smartphone.

Can the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 be configured in Spanish?

Without going any further, if you were wondering if the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can be configured in Spanish in its Chinese version, the answer is bluntly NO . At the moment, as several users of our Telegram group have commented, for now the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 only synchronizes with Mi Fit in English and Chinese.

Still, if you have already bought your Xiaomi Mi Band 5 from China, you should not worry, since it is most likely that soon we can update it to Spanish . This will probably happen after its launch in the Global market, just as it happened with the Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4.

If we remember, both the third and fourth generations ended up updating and adding other languages after their international presentation. With this, I do not want to 100% confirm that it will be updated, but I will most likely do so.

In summary, if you have already bought the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Chinese version you should not worry, but wait for Xiaomi to announce the international version. If instead, you have not yet bought it, it is advisable to wait and see what happens after its international launch, which is expected for this July.

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